I am home from the Bernese Mountain Dog picnic, tired and a bit burnt, but otherwise contented. Thank you to all who commented on my last post. Pure Luck hopes you have read comment #43. And if you did, he would like to know if you groaned? He is on a punning roll.

Here are a few of his recent bon mots:

1) In Comment #43 he wrote,

“Ah, it does my heart good to see all these complaints displayed in such a nice column. It’s good to see that someone is minding their peeves in queues.”

(Would someone please tell him that he is committing one of my grammatical pet peeves?)

2) I mention that #1 Son enjoyed the ride to Small College Town to hear Snowman’s concert last night. He commented over and over about how green the land and the trees looked. This is clearly a boy who has spent too much time in town this summer.

Pure Luck’s response: “So he got his fill of chloro?”

3) Snowman asks The Princess if she would like to share a piece of a certain tropical fruit with him.

Pure Luck: “Why do you need someone to share it? Does it take Two to Mango?”

I have to go lie down now…

(which ought to answer Juniper68’s question about ellipses…)

8 thoughts on “Punchy”

  1. When I was in nuclear science lab in college we were doing some measurements of radioactive decay with various source disks, I think they were Cesium, Barium, and Iodine, each of which was sealed in plastic. Anyway, when we were about to begin measurements on the Barium source I turned to one of my lab-mates and said –
    “We come not to praise Caesar…”
    The look on his face was priceless. It was if he had swallowed a lemon.

  2. wow, PL, I dont think I get it, that one about Caeser, I mean…
    And good thing, I guess that you are not offended by ellipses. Some time I will tell you of the bad old days when I worked in publishing and was acquainted with a certain Beloved Yet Annoying Author who would fight to the death to preserve an ellip (or whatever the singular of that might be).
    Many blessings!

  3. He’s playing on a quote from Julius Caesar, when Antony says “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him,” so Pure Luck was going for “I come not to praise Caesar but to Barium/bury him.”
    I can’t believe I’m explaining puns…

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