friday five: pet peeve edition

As posted by reverendmother at RevGalBlogPals:

1. Grammatical pet peeve

I do not care for the new conventions regarding apostrophes, as witnessed by this poetic effort on my part.

I will not read Bridget Jones’s Diary.
I do not want to be Jesus’s friend.
Never will I eat John Keats’s Porridge, or
Write a sermon about Moses’s end.

2. Household pet peeve

As much as I want the children to put their dishes into the dishwasher, I CANNOT STAND THE DISORGANIZED FASHION IN WHICH THEY LOAD IT!!!!!!!!!

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve (movie theaters, restaurants, concerts)

If you recall the story about The Princess and her concert, you will know it is people who do not have a good sense of when to give up on keeping a child in the theatre, etc.

4. Liturgical pet peeve

I despise it when Passing the Peace becomes anything else. Therefore we greet our neighbors at the beginning of the service and Pass the Peace at the end. I like Mavis’ hat, I really do, and I’ll probably even say so when I shake her hand after worship. But not during the Passing of the Peace. No way. No how.

5. Wild card–pet peeve that doesn’t fit any of the above categories

Other bloggers get lots more comments on their meme-related entries than I ever seem to receive, and it causes me to become not only peevish but also envious, bitter and resentful, which is not a pretty sight. For instance, reverendmother already has 14 comments about her pet peeves. And it would be immature of me to care about such things, but I do and therefore am.

Bonus: Because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: What do YOU do that others might consider a pet peeve?

I am forever asking my husband if he is okay. When I ask “Are you okay?” he bellows, caveman-like, “RUOK!!” in response. (r-u-ok)

My former husband felt the same way when I frequently said, “I’m sorry,” but he didn’t come up with nearly so amusing a reply.

50 thoughts on “friday five: pet peeve edition”

  1. Liked the peeve about the dishes in the sink. LH often leaves something in the sink that could either go directly into the dishwasher or be rinsed well and then go in the dishwasher.
    Thought I’d post a comment, to lift your spirits when looking at the comment count!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Friday to you, Rev. Songbird!

  2. Yeah, but half of my comments are from me! So the really peevish thing is my incessant talking to myself.
    I also think I attract snarkier-than-average people. (still worried about the negative energy of a pet peeve meme)

  3. Some commenters will go so far as to post in rapid succession which makes type pad think they are spamming robots. Then typepad gets all pet peevey and makes the commenters who adore songbird fill out all sorts of silly rorschachs to prove their non-robotness.

  4. Dearest Songbird,
    Re: your household pet peeve.
    If you don’t want to be the ONLY one in your house who loads the dishwasher forever and ever amen–bite your tongue and let them load!
    Love and kisses,

  5. I have to go with you on the dishwasher thing. My roommates don’t understand the process at all. I was so mad when I saw it one day that I exclaimed (thinking no one was home) I HATE MY ROOMMATES!!! ALL OF THEM.
    To which I heard a slight “ok…sorry” from my one roommate’s room. She was home sick for the day.

  6. I hate it when I am the one that screws up the Passing of the Peace. Usually it happens when I see someone who hasn’t been in worship for awhile, “So good to see you!” I blurt and my liturgical minded brain goes, “DOH!”
    By the way ppb, i have been there with Songbird’s Typepad…

  7. Songbird –
    My son and your blog are about the same age and you have received over 45,000 visitors. He has not even come CLOSE to this number….
    That’s something isn’t it?

  8. SB, I believe you (or rather Pure Luck) were posting tatas as well. Was it not you that turned my touching little stone symbol into big old bodacious tata symbols???
    I’m trying to figure out if I can post a Friday 5 or not. I’m not good at the thinking on command thing.

  9. OMG! Can they not SEE how much better it is to load dishes my way? How their way wastes space and resources? How WRONG it is?
    Grammatical pet peeve: they’re/their …. your/you’re. Make me nuts.
    Liturgical pet peeve: when the verse being read from the pulpit … which we are told we can follow along with in our pew bibles … isn’t the same VERSION as our pew bibles, so we’re stuck having to reconcile King James with Revised Standard.
    And I, myself, am often guilty of talking something over until everyone around me wishes I would just shut up, already.

  10. What is so DIFFICULT about loading a dishwasher? Place the dishes so the optimum amount of water hits the dirty stuff.
    BTW, my computer is working.
    I have many peeves and will have a difficult time recording them all.
    Don’t you love PPB? I do.

  11. Curent liturgical pet peeve: sermons that WILL NOT COME.
    One thing’s for certain–tomorrow night at the preacher party, I’ll be the one wallowing in my virtual margarita on the rocks no salt, clapping everyone on the back saying, “I love you, girlfriend, I really really do. [hic] You’re a beautiful person.”

  12. I posted no tatas, ppb. That was all Pure Luck, followed by the inventive creations of many of our reverend friends.
    rm, what are you worried about? It’s not even Saturday yet!

  13. Hi there,
    My friend was in a bad roomate situation one time and she said to me, “I just cant believe they need a reminder to wash the bottom of the plate as well as the top!” To which I could only reply “It’s lucky for you you’re not married to me….”
    I dont think I have rules about the dishwasher, but I get really annoyed when other people dont stack the bowls in the right way in the cupboard….
    Hope one of your peeves is not inappropriate and excessive use of ellipses….

  14. My newest pet peeve: I read my response to this meme aloud to my DH and he nodded musingly. Then I read yours aloud, about the dishwasher, and he guffawed.

  15. Here in the GoodinParts household, I’m not even allowed to load the dishwasher, which tends to mean that things sit and sit till the Man who Knows How is around, -which is a peeve in itself.
    Totally agree re comments, btw!
    Hugs xx

  16. I completely agree with #5. I tend to think that there’s some sort of blogosphere-wide conspiracy…
    Or that I’m discriminated against because I comment more in the summer when I’m not teacher.
    Or that, perhaps, I’m just not as charming in cyberspace as I clearly am IRL.
    And, uh, I didn’t know about the Passing the Peace rule. Thanks for the headzup. I guess a priest-to-be should know that stuff. Why can’t I tell Mavis I like her hat while I pass the peace of Christ? (Not that Mavis would wear a hat to Holy Comfort, but still…)

  17. Well, it may be pure luck’s fault that the tatas were brought up but you were the one that wrote the piece. Maybe if there were a meme on tatas, you’d get a jillion meme responses. Although, I must say, 40 ain’t bad at all.

  18. I love that you put #5. You’re about the only person who comments on my blog, but then I’ve been spending a lot of time at home instead of going visiting. Songbird,you’ve been a good blog friend.

  19. Ah, it does my heart good to see all these complaints displayed in such a nice column. It’s good to see that someone is minding their peeves in queues.
    Songbird didn’t like that one, but I thought it was clever. If nothing else it adds to her comment number.

  20. I can never see it too often, ppb.
    Jen, I’m sorry about that. Men will be men, won’t they?
    Everyone go and see Susan at her new address! Leave her a comment, too!

  21. I can’t load the dishwasher right either. I don’t care how they go into the dishwasher – does it matter how they go in a sink?
    I always wonder why others get more comments than me – I comment on their sites – not that it is critical to respond to all my comments. But if it was real life and someone was talking to someone – they wouldn’t just walk away saying nothing would they?
    You are always good about responding Songbird.
    And looks like you got ALOT of responses on this one… not as many as the Yarn Harlot – but she is in a different category than the rest of us.

  22. I’m a lurker and loyal reader of your blog. It feels steadfast and true, and my visits often nudge me toward reflection or a quiet conversation with myself. Maybe your readers aren’t leaping up and down crying “huzzah!!” Maybe many are, like me, quietly grateful.

  23. Oh, gosh, Jan. I’m sorry I sounded like such a baby. I actually get lots of comments most of the time and appreciate each and every one. It just seemed curious that the Friday Five did not draw any.
    Thank you all, again, for leaping in and driving up the total almost as high as the thread about the stones and the tatas. (If anyone wants to see it, click on The Male Animal in the archives and scroll down.)

  24. Re dishwasher: I agree. Why can people not see that the right way is obvious (and mine?)
    However. Here is my Mamma’s word of wisdom on such:
    “Crappy help is better than no help. Take your pick.”

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