How We Met

Six years ago today, I met Pure Luck.
On the Boat
(This picture was taken the following May.)

“How did you meet him, Mom?” The Princess was thinking about this the other day.

Let’s try to find a way to explain an Internet Personal that worked out well to an 11-year-old you hope will not decide to meet boys via the Internet.

But I was a good bit older than 11, and I had been divorced for several years. I kept waiting for friends to introduce me to someone. No one did. Then someone accidentally introduced me to an acquaintance, and we went out for a while, and it ended on an irritating note, and I became determined to meet a variety of men and see who I liked instead of feeling compelled to like who I saw.

I had a lot of one hour dates, cups of coffee, mostly, with nice guys. Okay, there was the one who told me over a drink (beer for him, Pepsi for me) that he had slept in his truck the night before to avoid a police roadblock, but they were mostly nice, if unexciting, guys. If you want to know more about my dating adventures between marriages, take me out to lunch someday.

At the point where I had given up and was thinking I would take my ad down the very next day, I received a response from a man who sounded quirky and interesting. The major drawback: his enormous height, 6’4.” (I’m 5 feet tall.) But his e-mail was so charming, including this cuteness:

Although you probably wouldn’t guess it by watching me I am quite playful and affectionate. I consider myself to be romantic (large white stallion, shining armor and castle sold separately. Not available in some areas).

I read this on a Monday morning, and by that evening I was still waffling about replying, when his ID came up on Yahoo Messenger. He continued to charm me, sent me stories he had written, and eventually suggested that we meet. That Thursday evening, July 13, 2000, we met for dinner at Locally Owned Italian Restaurant. I had a moment of panic when I pulled into the parking lot and had to think about how tall 6’4″ really is. I considered fleeing–really, I did–but decided that would be very unkind, especially since he had already seen me.

I got out of the car and we said hello. I was unfortunately standing downhill from him and feeling about the size of a 5-year-old. But soon we were inside and sitting down, and it didn’t matter so much. I discovered from the lack of easy conversation that he is the strong, silent type. And he learned that when I am nervous, I fidget. I fiddled with my fork as we waited for our food to arrive. He took my hand and held it. He picked my hand up off the table and held it in his.

We go back there for dinner every July 13th.

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  1. the first time the boy and I went out, we sat across from each other for 5 hours. During the course of the 5 hours, our hands got closer and closer to each other..I brushed over his fingers while making a point…he curled his fingers around mine for a moment…I never knew before that moment that sparks could fly just holding hands.
    The. BEST. First. Date. Ever.

  2. This is wonderful! I, also, met my sweetie on an internet personal ad. It worked out great!
    I LOOOOVE this picture of you together. It’s my new favorite thing. Cute, cute, cute!

  3. August 11th will be 17 years ago that I met my Mr. and he was a Matchmaker International date. We watched “A Fish Called Wanda” and had some White Grenache. Almost three months to the day, he asked me to be his bride, and three months later, I said “I will.” We joke that we paid good money for one other. Too bad the internet wasn’t around then! Congratulations on the anniversary of your meeting Pure Luck!

  4. What a romantic story! Your blessed story gives some hope to the rest of us – the love of our life may come in so many different shapes and sizes. Thanks for sharing your story – Happy July 13th!

  5. What a wonderful thing to celebrate — the day you met! I remember you meeting Pure Luck, and I remember all the steps it took you to find him. i’m so glad that you took the chance, and snagged yourself a knight. You deserved it. Happy Meeting Day! 🙂

  6. Mmmmn
    Warm happy thoughts.
    What a lovely story, and photo. And now I’ll recognise you instantly when we meet too.
    Hope you had a happy anniversary xx

  7. We had a lovely time. We spent most of dinner discussing our upcoming trip to Scotland, England and Kathryn’s house! #1 Son took The Princess out to dinner and a movie, and they had a good time, too.

  8. I love hearing how couples met … and had to giggle when I saw the picture, because B and I have the same height difference. I am 5’3″. He is 6’7″. If you look closely at the picture I posted on our anniversary you will notice that I am standing two steps higher than he is … and my head still doesn’t clear his ear.

  9. Ruth, I did notice that, and I wondered about the inches! Thanks for telling me. (But I won’t mention it to Pure Luck. He doesn’t like it when people are taller than he is.)

  10. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I met through a video dating service a year or two before the internet and internet dating really took off. I signed on with this service shortly after someone in the congregation I was serving set me up on a blind date with a guy who turned out to be exactly twice my age and a fundamentalist. We are also struggling with the “exactly how do we explain this to the kids” dilemma.

  11. Love the story! And really love the sentiment of wanting to “see who I like instead of liking who I see.” The internet dating thing isn’t going very well for me so far, but it honestly seems like my only hope, at least for now. Maybe I’ll just switch dating sites. Any suggestions??

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