A Short Friday Five

A Short meme for this shortened week: name five noteworthy Short things in your life. (Be liberally imaginative.)

Short People—I’m pretty short, but my godmother was shorter. Her size 4 high heels brought her to about 4’11” or so, if that. Her nickname in high school was “Two Inch.” A 1st-grade teacher for many years, she rose to her full inner height as an elementary school principal at the end of her career in the midst of Virginia’s struggling move toward integration. Maggie remains my hero among all short people.

Short Hops—I’m not a great flyer, but my worst plane trip ever had to be two short hops home from summer camp in the summer of 1973, from Lewisburg to Roanoke to Norfolk with a stop at the air sickness bag. Bleh.

Short Stories—In our continuing summer saga of care for other people’s dogs, the Tale of Buggsy. Last night, when Sam went out for his final visit to the backyard, he began to bark insistently. I leapt out of bed. Pure Luck went out and discovered a dog in our driveway, investigating the garbage can. Fortunately, the boy had a tag. We called. They came. Buggsy went home. Sam is a hero! Make sure your dogs have tags with phone numbers! (Cats, too, but mine have learned how to discard their collars in the neighbor’s flower beds.)

Short Lists—Places other than City By the Sea where I would consider living.

Short Stops—I’m planning to run away from home during the first week of my vacation, while The Princess is at summer camp. This adventure will include a revgal blogger meet-up and a visit with a childhood friend. Will I be anywhere near you? I may be looking for a lunch stop in central Massachusetts or Western Connecticut, and I might be coaxed to stop in the Boston area on my way home…

14 thoughts on “A Short Friday Five”

  1. You could make a detour in my direction….or perhaps I could be persuaded to come to Boston, if it’s a day off…
    BTW, when I was in third grade we moved to Lewisburg, and when I was in fifth grade we moved to Roanoke. Where did you go to camp?

  2. I’m honored to be part of the vacation runaway itinerary and I can’t wait to see you.
    Love you.

  3. Texas! Texas! Texas!
    Just think, if you came to the Lone Star State on your next runaway you could see Mindy, Rach, QG, Linda(FM), Miranda, me…who am I missing!?
    Yeah, Texas is pretty far flung, but we are also used to driving long distances for worthwhile causes.

  4. I went to Camp Alleghany for six summers, many long years ago. And every song I learned to sing there is still in my brain, whether I like it or not! I’ll e-mail about my travel plans; maybe we can coordinate something with Phantom? Other Boston area bloggers?

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