The News from Camp Songbird

It’s been a busy day here at Camp Songbird.

Chapter the First
We were excited to prepare for the visit of yet another blogger with exceptional taste in vacation destinations. By prepare, I mean we finished the cleaning we started the other day, then suspended when we learned the day of the actual visit. There was sweeping and vacuuming and cleaning of the “powder room.” (Now, seriously, we never call it the powder room, but it is a cute little half-bath just off the mudroom, added during the Winter Olympics of 2002, an absolutely sanity-saving addition to what was a one-bedroom house, then housing four people and about to expand to five.)

I guess I cut things a bit close, since I was still combing my hair when reverendmother arrived with her husband, two adorable daughters and in-laws.

Okay, no problem. I will forget about the half-combed and wet head I had to present to them and tell you that it was fun to hold an armful of baby, to have lunch with rm, to show off Small Church and City By the Sea, all while the rest of her family went to Tourist Shopping Mecca in a nearby town and did not have to be bored by our shop talk.

We also had a very special, surprise phone call from none other than St. Casserole. It was a treat to hold the phone to reverendmother’s ear while she changed the reverendbaby.

Chapter the Second

Two of the men in my family have been busy on teh Internets today. #2 Son resurrected and redesigned his blog, Snowman Requiem, and today he has a post asking, “What is Patriotism?”

I had just finished reading this link from The Green Knight, when I discovered that Pure Luck was responding with his own diary on The Daily Kos. He got a little het up, as we liked to say in the South of my childhood.

I’m sure both of them would appreciate your comments.

Chapter the Third
And speaking of het up…
We’ve been doing some dogsitting for the adorable Chloe, 7-month-old Siberian Husky puppy of my Director of Music. #2 Son is her primary caregiver, but today he needed some time off to prepare for his clarinet lesson. I said, “Go and get your brother, and he will spell you.”
“He’ll what?”
“He’ll spell you.”
“What are you talking about? Are you speaking some kind of Southern words from the olden days that no one here and now understands?”
Yes, I am an old, old lady.

Chapter the Fourth

In what my husband refers to as conservation of resources, I seem to be passing out of a major phase of womanhood just as my daughter is passing into it. She has cramps, and, oh glory, I have hot bones.
I think it must be something like a core meltdown, and while my husband is dubious about this comparison and the eventual results of the real thing, it is indeed true that I feel I am overheating from the inside out. What a bizarre sensation! The good news is crushed ice seems to help, and organic Cookies and Cream ice cream is not so bad either.
As long as my bones don’t liquefy, I suppose I will survive.

Chapter the Fifth
Everyone in my house is having fun playing games.

The Princess has a new video game, Harvest Moon. Her character is being courted by the town doctor, who she feels would be a good match. Oy. On the other hand, the character is engaged in earning “notes” for a song that will bring the Harvest Goddess back to life; she has been forgotten by the people. Since I am het up about our relationship with the Earth, I’m all for that plot thread.

We finally broke out Settlers of Catan, a Christmas present for #2 Son. It is a really good game, and I’m not just saying that because I won when we played the other day. Really, I’m not. I liked it because there is a good combination of skill and luck required, not giving an advantage to the smart (#1 Son) or the lucky (Pure Luck), but favoring those of us who are well-rounded. (Yay, me!) Hat tip to Alison at the blue blog who touted the junior version of this game, much loved by her young twins.

#1 Son also encouraged us to take another crack at Game of Thrones
, a Risk-type game situated in the universe of George RR Martin’s books, much beloved by all of us. It is a pretty complicated game. I did beautifully playing the first half of the game with coaching from #1 Son. But when he thought I had the hang of it, he turned his efforts to winning, and I flamed out miserably. Too bad I care about winning so much. I grew up in a household where Candyland was a fight to the death, and I continue to be competitive. #1 Son grew up with a mother who stacked the deck so we wouldn’t be sent back to Grandma Nutt and have to pretty well start over again, so he expects to win easily. See what happens when we try to change the family dynamics? We just find a new way to screw things up!

Because I have computer game envy, I downloaded Hoyle Card Games and played Solitaire last night until I thought my hand would fall off my wrist. But it’s such a good feeling when you defeat La Belle Lucie!!!

Chapter the Sixth

After traveling far and wide for two funerals in the previous week, it was really nice to come home from church yesterday and hang out with the family. I have today and the 4th off, and it is really pleasant to be with them all. Tonight’s dinner was pizza from our favorite local pizza place.

Chapter the Seventh
I rejoice that I am married to a man who doesn’t mind a fan blowing directly on the bed all night long.

7 thoughts on “The News from Camp Songbird”

  1. It was so fun to see you! Now I will be able to visualize the people and places you blog about.
    I did feel bad being so… on time. I usually like to provide the 10 minutes of politeness, but the trip went smoother than expected.
    Anyway, it’s just me, so it’s all good. Although I did notice how pleasant the powder-room was. And I wished I’d used it before I left–the gas station we went too on the way out of town had no restroom!
    I enjoyed reading about all of the goings-on surrounding the visit. Sorry about the “power surges.” It just occurred to me that my girls and I will be going through a similar tag-teaming in another 10 years or so.
    “Candyland as a fight to the death” made me LOL.

  2. You know, I thought about the bathroom after you left. I hope you enjoyed the rocky beach as much as I enjoyed being with you!

  3. Re Chapter the Fourth:
    So that is what I get to look forward to–in spades. My mother laughs when she envisions the hormonal soup in 10-12 years in this house full of estrogen…I think she enjoys the thought of how much fun it will be for me

  4. Oh, I’m trying SO hard not to be jealous, but it’s hard!! I’m glad you had such a great visit. Really. I just wish I could visit too…
    Harvest Moon — makes me think of Neil Young, which makes me think I’m next in line for the core meltdowns. *sigh*

  5. Hold on!! Just a minute!! I’m still a bit new at this blogging thing. Are you telling me if you blog other bloggers may spend their vacation at your house?

  6. Well, maybe not a *whole* vacation…
    And Gord, too funny! Our guys outnumber us, but they’re walking carefully around the house it seems.

  7. laughing at the comments, and with Sue on this one!
    Glad you had a good time. The insights into the game playing in your household were fun.
    Sorry about the hot bones. It does sound rather Harry Potter though and I found myself wondering what Hermione would come up with as an antedote (grin)

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