Random Bullets of Thursday

* The problem with taking Friday off is that I really need one more day to do my work for Sunday. Would I do better if I took Monday off instead? Because, seriously, I’m tired of having work spill over to Saturday. But I also remember writing sermons on our one kid-free night when I used to work on Fridays, so maybe this is better.

* Luna the Beagle went home this afternoon. I miss her, although I’m sure I won’t mind sleeping freely on my bed tonight.

* The Father of My Children provided a 200,000+ mile Honda for #1 Son to drive to work this summer, so we wouldn’t have to wait up for him on nights he is bussing tables. But it has an unfortunate habit of refusing to start. Which means we have to go downtown and jump start the car. Today I drove him to work.

* The other two children have been staying with their dad this week and will be back tomorrow. I have not done anything useful around the house in their absence. Tomorrow will bring a flurry of laundry and housecleaning. (Sounds like a great day off, doesn’t it?)

* I remember a time when I had so little to do in my life that having the children go to their dad’s house would precipitate a crisis. This is no longer true.

* Sometime this weekend we will be seeing reverendmother and her family. That is why the cleaning must occur. I don’t want to be one of those scary people whose house you won’t go to with a baby. It will be my second blogger meet-up this week, as we had a delightful dinner with the Scribbler-Blues on Tuesday night. When I mentioned the upcoming cleaning frenzy, Phantom asked innocently, “You didn’t clean for me last time, did you?”

* Do you think she meant that in a good way?

* I have a great idea for a dramatic reading for Sunday, which I have not yet written, but thank goodness I have readers who are good at picking things up quickly, who can manage if I e-mail something to them on Saturday afternoon.

* Two of my wonderful lay readers, sisters-in-law, had a mock squabble over who would be the Woman with a Hemorrhage and who would be The Earth. I still haven’t decided. I’ll know when I start writing and imagine their voices saying the words.

* I love writing for people when I know how they will sound. At some point on Sunday morning, one of the readers will say something spectacular in exactly the way I heard it in my head, and I will crow with delight, and we will all be happy.

* But first I have to write the spectacular words…

* As soon as I finish here, I’m going to do a little knitting. I’m working on a sock that is going to be stunning, and when it is finished, I’ll post a picture. I love it!!! I hope that enthusiasm will help me continue to avoid Second Sock Syndrome.

* I have become a knitter with a stash. I’ve begun thinking of finally cleaning out a box in my walk-in closet that has been there since I moved into this house in 1998, just to make room for more yarn storage. So it’s a good thing, right? Also, I’m looking for a place to put more bookshelves, because I am amassing a collection of knitting books.

* If you wanted to find a cookbook in my house, you would have a hard go of it.

We have an update: one child is coming home, because Aunt Flo is making her first visit. Did this have to happen while she was at the other parent’s house? Sheesh.

16 thoughts on “Random Bullets of Thursday”

  1. She’s home! We made a pilgrimage to the whole foods store for an organic chocolate bar, organic ice cream, aromatherapy bath salts (vanilla), some chlorine-free pads and shea butter lip balm.
    Oddly, she was watching the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice with her dad when she made the discovery, so it’s hard to call it boy-land when Miss Austen was in the room, so to speak.

  2. If The Princess’ dad was watching P&P with the yummy Colin, then he can’t be too bad.
    And YOU are the greatest mom, honestly. My mom handed me the nasty “sanitary belt” and pad (I know you remember the belt, but some of your readers will be too young to remember it) and intoned something unbelievable along the lines of “now you are a woman.” Are you kidding me?! And it was ne’er mentioned again.

  3. I love the way you write. blessings to you and the Princess. It’s not so long ago we were reading of another blogger celebrating womanhood with her daughter. I’m proud of you Rev Moms you know what is important and I learn – most everyday -from your examples and love how to be a better mum and minister of God’s love. That’s what Rev Gals has given to me, and I praise God for it and you!

  4. OH goodness…I hope princess is ok. Have fun meeting up with reverendmother and family. I have to admit, I am a little jealous. (of the meet up…not of Aunt Flo)

  5. Hooray! I’m a little jealous, though. Wonder Girl would not tolerate any celebration whatsoever. She told me, “We’re not going to make a big deal out of this, right Mom? No party, please.” Looking back, I realize that it matches her very sraightforward way of facing life.

  6. KathyR, you and I had the same expereience. And I had a home ec teacher who told us that tampons were nasty things, so it was the belt and pads for a couple of years.
    Hooray for the Princess and for moms who make it a better experience.

  7. Today we are tucked up on the couch getting ready to watch a movie, chocolate and Motrin at the ready. She felt pretty miserable this morning but is a little better this afternoon.
    I remember wanting to stay home, and I’m glad this is summer and we can take the time needed to make adjustments.

  8. Blessings to you and the Princess. How do they grow up so quickly?
    I am sure all of us have handled our daughters better than our Moms handled us when we met Aunt Flo for the first time.

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