You Must Remember This

I drove up into the lakes and hills today for a funeral. It was graveside, in a little country cemetery. I had arranged to be at the funeral home, on a main drag through one of the nearby towns, to follow the funeral home folks to this remote and very nearly undisclosed location. When I arrived no one was there. Ack!

I found a placard by the door listing a phone number to call, and soon I learned they had gone out there early to prepare since the weather was very rainy. The funeral director sent his helper back to lead me across town and county lines to the graveyard.

When I got out of the car, Funeral Director came to greet me, which was very nice, but to my great surprise, he kissed me on the cheek!!

We had met once before, in the company of the deceased’s daughter-in-law, for ten minutes.

After the service, I said good-bye to him. This time I was better-prepared, I thought, and stuck my hand out to shake his. He leaned in for a hug and kissed my hair. (!!!)

Maybe he was just relieved I got there?

Pure Luck wanted to know what perfume I was wearing. He also asked if the guy gave me tongue.

Hardeeharhar, Pure Luck.

And the answers are “none” and “no.”

19 thoughts on “You Must Remember This”

  1. Sheesh, cheesehead, Yankees are pretty stoic, too! This was some kind of aberrant behavior. I think. Or maybe I’m just thoroughly irresistible?

  2. Chortling…
    My idea of where you live is entirely drawn from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Perhaps your funeral director was a direct descendant of HERS…? I can’t imagine anyone else in that part of the country doing such a thing. Unless they were just pure-and-tee weirdos.

  3. I’m reading this and wondering … what was it that struck you as ‘odd’ in this … other than the fact that it isn’t ‘commonplace’
    Was he was being lewd or forward … or was it that you are the pastor and funeral directors aren’t ‘supposed’ to act like this? I find people do hug and kiss at funerals and weddings -whereas in other occcasions they are usually more reserved (until the alcohol bites!)
    Loved PL’s comments 🙂 Me thinks a little healthy jealousy is a GREAT thing 🙂 (grin)

  4. Well, Lorna, the funeral director and I are both there as professionals, and generally the greeting I get from them is a polite handshake. I guess I would compare it to going to court to represent a client and having the opposing attorney greet me with a kiss!

  5. I can’t STAND this sort of thing. Hate it. However, maybe the guy was a Southerner because people are trying to hug and smooch you all the time down here. I keep stepping back and offering my hand or waving my purse at them…
    He needs to get over your irresistibility-osity and treat you as a professional.

  6. Was he by any chance Egyptian? Because if so, stay away!!!
    St. C: I am trying to picture a pastor waving her purse at a Southern Gentleman and am cracking up!
    I have had more kisses on the cheek/hair/hand/shoulder/neck this year than I know what to do with. It’s creepy. And with women (less creepy but still strange when it’s someone you don’t even hardly know!) you never know the pattern–one kiss, two kisses, four, three, six, ten??? bizarre.

  7. There’s an older (like mid 80’s) guy in my congregation who hugs me two or three times in the “handshake” line after church each Sunday. Then his wife does the same thing. I find myself wondering if she does this to make his behavior seem less wierd . . .

  8. pcit, good thought!
    The guy is a native of this non-demonstrative state, so he has no geographic excuses. It may be that since he’s an old friend of the deceased’s family, and this was a fairly small gathering he felt we were all, um, closer than usual.
    I’m going even further up and away for another graveside tomorrow, so we’ll see how those funeral directors behave!!

  9. Yikes!
    that would make me very uncomfortable. Perhaps, it’s your magnetic personality and charm. Let’s hope he’s not starting a new trend.

  10. ICK!
    When I worked for the legislature of my home state there was one guy I would encounter on occasion who would kiss women on the HANDS! YUCK!
    He’s lucky one of the female political operatives didn’t yank off a high heeled shoe and beat him with it! 🙂

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