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Trekking at Fun Town

I am spoiled by having a digital camera, and that is why it has taken me a whole week to come up with the pictures from last Friday’s excursion to Fun Town, taken on a throwaway camera and scanned by #2 Son this afternoon. (Thanks!)

That was also the day I cast on my first sock for Trek Along with Me, a knitalong using Trekking XXL yarn. Here is the sock being held by The Princess herself:

Trekking Sock at Fun Town

It’s only my fifth pair of socks (I now have #6 on the needles, too), but I seem to have the hang of a basic pattern. I must say that I was much more content to sit around waiting at Fun Town than I ever would have imagined, and when the girls decided to undertake a ride twice, I was delighted to stay put and keep knitting.

I got a kick out of the people who stopped to ask what I was doing and one in particular who caught me knitting and looking at something in the distance and exclaimed over it. I felt like a Power Knitter!

Here is The Princess at the end of the day with her friends (L to R) SmartyPants, Best All Around and Call My Cellphone. They were amused to be asked to pose with their backs to the camera.

The Princess and her Court

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  1. What a fun trek! Cute pic of the girls (and the princess looking semi-amused/embarrassed at being asked to hold the sock). You are spreading the KIP gospel!

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