Luna has decided she loves us and is going to have a good time on her visit. She told me this by coming downstairs to stand next to Sam while Pure Luck prepared their breakfasts, rather than remaining curled on my bed until well past mealtime. She told me this by going to the back door and proceeding to play in the yard rather than woefully barking to come right back inside. And she told me this by spending the whole night with The Princess last night.

This is good news, because Baby the Cat was not happy to share her (read Pure Luck’s and my) bed with a dog. And she showed her displeasure by throwing up on two brand new skirts the other night, then following up by peeing on a pile of my dirty clothes yesterday.

Did I mention that our washing machine was on the fritz over the weekend, pouring soapy water onto the floor of the basement? We had it repaired on Monday morning ($213 for a new water pump; God bless the Sears repairman for fixing it and not telling me to go and buy a new one), and I was just about caught up on the laundry that accumulated while the washer was out of commission when we entered this new and beautiful phase of living.

The pile of clothes? Was on an antique rug in my bedroom, which also received Baby’s offering. And it was right next to my really nice duffle bag with wheels, which also stinks now.

And did I mention that on her first night here, Luna peed on the edge of a rug in the boys’ room, which sits on top of the only wall-to-wall carpet in our entire house?

And did I also mention that I had Pure Luck take the rug outside, and he hung it on the fence, and no one brought it in before the thunderstorm the next evening?

I will say that I am grateful for Nature’s Miracle. And hopeful that if Luna continues to room with The Princess, Baby the Cat will settle down and stop peeing on things.

Despite all that, we are enjoying her little self. I wish I could that excited about carrots!!

7 thoughts on “Luna-cy”

  1. So does this mean that Baby had gotten past her peeing problem for a while, and has now regressed? Did the Feliway help?
    Luna is so cute. She does indeed look quite serious.

  2. Zorra, Baby had not peed on anything in the house for months, so I really thought we were past it. We did a couple of months of Feliway (in my room and in the kitchen), during which she gradually improved. Of course, she doesn’t like sharing my bed with Pure Luck, either, so I was concerned that there would be backsliding when he came back from working out of state for two months. But she maintained her new and better behaviors after his return, even without Feliway.
    I understand she does this as a response to stress, but I really don’t think she is entitled to be my only bedmate!

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