A Little Visitor

We have a little visitor at our house, my sister-in-law’s Beagle, Luna.

Luna is somewhere between Sam’s age (3) and Molly’s age (4), and they have always gotten along well together. We’ve watched her for an afternoon or an evening here and there, but never overnight. Now she is with us for two weeks while her human family takes a trip South.

My husband would tell you that I’m something of an overprotective dog mother. I would tell him that I have been raising children to a total age of 46, which is older than I am myself, and they have all survived thus far very well under my quasi-neurotic watchitude.

He thinks it’s extreme that I closed the rear windows on the way to the dog park when Luna jumped into the backseat. Let’s not talk about what he said, or how he laughed, when I closed the sun roof, too.

Earlier this evening there was a big thunderstorm. Molly headed for the boys’ room on the third floor, her “high ground” for all noise-making activities (including fireworks), and Luna went with her. I don’t know if she was actually frightened, or just along for the journey.

Luna is a very serious girl. She only joys up at the end of the day, when she gets her bedtime snack of three baby carrots. She rose on her back legs when she saw The Princess holding them this evening.

This will be her third night with us, and if her pattern holds true, sometime later this evening she will silently leap onto our bed, find a little spot between us and sleep through the night. Let’s just say that’s not something that 95-pound Molly and 130-pound Sam are allowed to do. She settled next to my hip the first night. When I reached down to pet her in the middle of the night, she wasn’t there! Then I heard a gentle snort and realized she had wiggled up to the top of the bed, where her little head was between our pillows.

I don’t think we will become a three dog family anytime soon, but we are enjoying our little visitor.

15 thoughts on “A Little Visitor”

  1. Thanks for the visit over my way. Mom’s much better. She calls her potassium pill her “banana”. I’m looking at your reading list. I’m reading *Cloister Walk* right now. Very slowly, just one chapter a day, at most. I listened to *The Lady and the Unicorn* on audiobook and enjoyed it. If you like Tracy Chevalier, you might like Susan Vreeland, too. I especially liked *The Forest Lover*.

  2. Our friend Winston came over last night with Aunt Jessica. He’s a chihuahua, but his coloring is a lot like mine. The Boy is a little scared of him, even though he’s only 10 pounds to The Boy’s 40. There were some awkward moments. Also, Aunt Jessica had never seen me be mean before (shocking, considering we’ve known each other for about 5 years). But even with my occasional snarling, we had a good time. Corn on the cob is a yummy treat!
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Cub,
    I like corn on the cob, too! Tastes great, feels all poppy and satisfying on the tongue and teeth. But ever since that time I got *really* sick the next morning, I’m not allowed to have it.
    Which stinks.
    Could you talk to my mom about this?

  4. I don’t blame you a bit for closing the windows and sunroof. Our Prissy would love to hang her head out the car window, but she’s been known to jump out the window of a parked car (and end up hanging by her leash), so I’m taking no chances. She’s a cold weather dog anyway, so she contents herself with putting her head in front of the air-conditioner vent.
    Prissy loves it when her niece Meg (a dalmatian mix) comes to visit. They were puppies together before oldest daughter moved away, and they act like littermates.
    BTW, I read Leaving Church this past weekend, and it really touched me. I certainly don’t have the weight of priesthood on my shoulders, but as someone who has been in lay leadership positions for a couple of decades, I understand burnout, doubt, and frustration with doctrinal disputes. BBT and Marcus Borg are going to be at a conference on St. Simon’s Island in January ( I’ve already marked my calendar.

  5. I love this, especially the part about Luna’s getting happy when she sees the baby carrots. One of our sweetest everyday pleasures is watching the instant transformation of Amie (our solemn, retiring, little-old-lady cattle dog)when we say “Do you wanna WALK?” She suddenly drops five or six years and begins leaping, dancing, and running around hee-hawing like a little donkey.

  6. GREAT post. I loved the pic of luna sleeping on your pillow 🙂 and getting excited about the baby carrots.
    We are leaving to go sailing with DD for a couple of days -and leaving TS here dog sitting (his choice) – but a little alarming for us – it’s the first midsummer we won’t celebrate together and telling ourselves he IS sensible and we have to let go sometime.
    He’ll work for the next three weeks (summer job) too – for hubby’s company. 5 hours a day. That’s another change for us.

  7. Remind me to tell you sometime about going to my car this morning and discovering the wild cat whose been eating on my back porch for the last few months curled up on the floor board of the passenger side contentedly nursing her newborns.

  8. quasi-neurotic watchitude…I really like that phrase.
    Oh Questing..that must have been such a surprise!

  9. Oh, kittens! That was a sweet surprise, wasn’t it?
    Mindy, I hoped someone somewhere would admire that phrase.

  10. Molly — The thumb-havers are very careful about how we eat corn. They hold tight onto the ends of the cob, because one time I got a chunk off the end and it make me sick, too.
    Zorra — I thought it was just The Boy who sounded like Jerry Clower when he figures out we’re going on a walk! If Amie sounds like that, too, then I guess it’s a breed trait. The thumb-havers worry that the neighbors will think they’re beating him, with all the excited hollering he does when we get our leashes on.
    QP — Kittens? Wow!

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