Short Takes for a Summer Weekend

*This is a complicated weekend for us. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and as far as I know none of the children has done anything to prepare for it with regard to their own father. The dogs have a present for Pure Luck. (Ssh, don’t tell!)

*Monday is The Princess’ birthday, and we will be having a party, the five of us, at lunchtime tomorrow. (On Monday our window of opportunity is limited because she has Art Camp until 3, and #1 Son works 4-11 p.m.) I kind of want to stay home and celebrate here, but realistically, I’m exhausted after church, which makes going out somewhere preferable. To further complicate matters, their dad is picking them up at 4 to go to a Father’s Day cookout with his family. It’s frustrating when I feel my time to celebrate a special day with my child is being pushed around by things I cannot control. Further, his birthday is Tuesday, which just adds to the general festival air, or at least to the need for shopping. Although I must say he did not remember to help the kids do anything for my birthday, so perhaps I can bag out of this one. Meanwhile, I have a present for her, but the guys haven’t done anything and expect me to help them figure it out today.

*On a happier note, I got to spend yesterday at Fun Town with The Princess and three friends: SmartyPants, Best All Around, and Call My Cellphone. The four girls had a great time, took turns pairing off for rides and declared me “the nicest mother ever” and our day “the best birthday party ever.” This might have had something to do with my willingness to buy pizza, frozen lemonade and, just before we left, “Dippin’ Dots, the Ice Cream of the Future.” Or maybe I really am pretty nice. I certainly know how to host a party. We had to take a disposable camera, since Pure Luck and #2 Son were hiking with our digital, so photos will come later.

On Haystack

*The hike was huge, to the top of Mount Lincoln and then across to Lafayette. #2 Son was tired but happy when they returned. The boy is a hiker! This is pleasing to Pure Luck, who was looking for a hiking companion at the same time he was looking for a woman in his life, but really only got the latter in me.

They planned the next photo hoping to get a gasp out of me. They came close.

Sitting on Top of the World

They saw and managed to get (somewhat blurry) pictures of an American Marten, a really exciting development in their hike.

American Marten

*Finally, the best moment of yesterday had to be sitting on the “grandstand” beside the Grand Prix cars at Fun Town and listening to two mothers sitting behind me talk about their kids. One of them kept referring to her 13 and 10 year old sons by their names, which are, and I am not kidding you, Keanu and Topaz. When I told him the story, Pure Luck said, “You might as well name them Please Beat Me Up.”

9 thoughts on “Short Takes for a Summer Weekend”

  1. Whew — do YOU have a busy weekend planned! Hope all the celebrations work out timeline wise!
    Glad the Princess’ outing with her firends went well, and yeah — we pretty much agree with the concencus that you are a Cool Mom.
    What is up with people and the children’s names? Keanu and Topaz? Oh, for the love of biscuits! I agree with Pure Luck. Those poor kids *definitely* have some beatings coming to them…

  2. Just in case I don’t connect on Monday (off on retreat then)please give the Princess a birthday hug from me, and tell her I’m really looking forward to meeting her in August.
    You could have a hug yourself, too…for being a cool mum! xx

  3. Tell The Princess that I think this is a most excellent week to have a birthday, and I hope she has a very, very happy one.
    You are clearly the nicest and coolest mom around. It’s nice to know that your daughter’s friends appreciate that!
    I must say that, without knowing much about the politics of divorced families, it does seem to me like you could reasonably be excused for arranging Father’s Day presents for your ex-husband. Your kids are old enough to think of something themselves, no?

  4. Well, yes. I think that’s right. But I can predict now that they are all going to have a panic after lunch tomorrow and have to run to the store before they see him, despite the fact that I have reminded them of both the oncoming Hallmark holiday and the upcoming birthday as well. Most years he just tells them what he wants and they ask me to take them to the store. That’s okay. I didn’t mind helping them pick up a wheelbarrow at Home Depot last year, because I frankly thought it was hilarious!

  5. Holy crap! I’m hyperventilating just looking at that hanging off the cliff picture. I’ll need to go breathe deeply now…breathe…breathe…damn. Where’s that paper bag?
    You are definitely the coolest mom around.

  6. ooh my feet itch just looking at the photo of Pure Luck on that mountain edge- I am terrified of falling!
    Hope you survive the weekend.

  7. That picture made me dizzy and I would really like to see one of him away from that cliff so I will know he is still alive.
    *snickers* Please beat me up…too funny!

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