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Sandal Shopping

Since everybody is talking about shoes and apparel

This afternoon I went to the shoe store to replace my beloved blue Birkenstocks.


They have done good service for at least three summers. I thought they were pretty cute for Birkenstocks, not clunky-looking or heavily-strapped. What I really wanted was another pair just like them, but the local store carried them only in a couple of horrifying colors. Now that I’m looking on the web, I realize it might have been possible to order them, but while I was in the store I gave in and looked at other styles. Here’s what came home with me:


I think I had a pair of these when I was pregnant with The Princess, so that’s going back 11 years or more. They’re also fairly cute, as Birks go.

Then I saw these:


My last pair of Naot shoes were also faithful and long-lasting. Let’s hope these are the same!

While searching the Web for an image, I discovered that these also come in a Deadhead version:


Although the bear is cute, I’m not sure I would wear those. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Sandal Shopping”

  1. I got my first pair of birks this year and I love them. They were a ghuge splurge for me. They’re the papillio variety, two rather thin straps, in a lightblue-lavender-light green paisley print. Is that one of the horrible colors you were thinking of? It works great for me and seems to go with, like, everything I own, especially with very bright pink toenail polish.

  2. No, no! I thought those paisley ones were cute. The bad colors were a sort of kelly green (not the pretty seedling green that is so “in” at the moment) and a bright fuschia that would quite literally go with nothing in my closet. They didn’t have the paisley ones in my size. 🙁 I think they must get one pair of size 36 in each style, and I was too late.

  3. Nice pair of Birks.
    I’m having to let go of a 5 year old pair of sandals that were (made in spain) and most comfortable. Not too high and not too flat. They became my house sandals and now the insole is cracked and I must grieve their giving up their sole.
    Someday, I’ll find something to replace them.
    May your feet be cradled and the walkways soft.
    St. Inuksuk

  4. Ooh, I love Naot! Not sure if I’d wear the dancing bears, though.
    I like your old Birks, too. How did the toe thing feel? I’m never too sure about having something between my toes.

  5. I was dubious initially, elswhere, but when they describe the upper as “silky suede” they are not kidding. It felt delightful after a very short time. I’m going to keep looking for a replacement pair in blue.

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