School’s Out.For.Summer!!

My usual approach to the office is to spend time in my study at church when our nursery school is in session, then to work from home most afternoons, if I’m not out on calls or at meetings. After 3, I either stop if I have an evening commitment, or work around afterschool activities (reading or popping into the hospital during dance class, for instance).
Nursery school is out for the summer, and the church leadership and I have an agreement that I don’t keep posted office hours when the church is otherwise empty, so theoretically, I could work from home all summer.
Why, then, am I in my study at 4:11 p.m. on a Monday afternoon?
Well, you see, my house is very full of people and animals, and it is going to be that way for the next 12 weeks.
And my study is in an adorable attic space. My books are here, I have a stereo and my laptop, and I have a most excellent fan. It’s quiet here. I can think. No one wants anything, or if they do, they phone and make an appointment first.
Yes, it’s really nice here at church in the summertime.
(Camps start next week.)

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  1. can relate to the house full of ppl and animals. And lack of quiet /privacy. workign from home doesn’t work well in these condidtions does it?

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