Friday Five: Rain


In my little corner of the world, it has been a very, very, very rainy spring. It is hard to think of anything else. Today’s Friday Five asks, then, five questions about rain, all intended to help us look on the bright side of life. Let a smile be your umbrella!!

1. Favorite way to spend a rainy day

I suppose it’s not that different from the way I like to spend a snowy day: inside, with a good book, my knitting, a warm drink and later, a movie. Although on Monday, we were out tromping in the muddy with the dogs in a mizzle, and that was pretty much fun, too.

2. Favorite song about rain

“Rain” by the Beatles. Although I also like “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

3. Favorite movie featuring rain

“Singin’ in the Rain” — I remember feeling shocked, the first time I saw it, that my mother did not object to that man splashing in the puddles!!!

4. Favorite piece of raingear, past or present

My new raincoat from LLBean, pictured here last month (although about now I could go for one of those doggie umbrellas!). It’s cheerful color is keeping my spirits up during this long, gloomy period.

5. Favorite word for rain

Mizzle (Etymology: Middle English misellen; akin to Flemish mizzelen to drizzle, Middle Dutch mist fog, mist: to rain in very fine drops : DRIZZLE)

How about you? Let me know in the comments if you play!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: Rain”

  1. Having problems thinking about rain as we seem to have hit a heat wave…
    I love rain on the tent roof though-
    is that a little crazy???

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