Because Will Smama Insists

The Coolness Meme, or Five Reasons I Think That I’m Cool:

1) I am a blogger.

2) Although I am a 45-year-old mother of 3, I know a few things about html coding.

3) I recently bought my son this bookbag


otherwise known as Jack Bauer’s Day 5 man purse


I think this makes him cool, but he thinks it makes me cool, too.

4) I listen to Kanye West on my Nano.

5) In my 40’s, I learned to play D&D and married the DM. (Wait, this isn’t a geekiness meme.)

6 thoughts on “Because Will Smama Insists”

  1. Um, yeah… you’ll need to come up with a new number 5 but other than that you are WAY cool.
    How about:
    Antonio Banderas once helped me write a sermon
    I am a founding member of one of the coolest webrings on the internet
    My husband likes my (o)(o)’s
    (and no, like a 12 year old, I will never get tired of that joke)

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