Happy June 1st!

St. Casserole wonders what we would do if we had all the time in the world this summer?

Here, things really do slow down in the summer as far as church goes. People go away to their camps; worship is even less formal than usual; I don’t keep office hours. I go out on the early morning walk with the dogs, before it gets too hot, then start work a little later.
I feel very free, have more time to go and sit with our homebound folks and really take my days off “off.”

This summer I am going to knit doll-sized sweaters. I have a whole book of patterns. We are planning an American Girl table for the church fair. I also have a whole box full of beautiful sock yarn that just came in the mail from a website recommended by one a new knitting friend I met at the Festival of Homiletics.

In summer, I finally read all the books I have been putting in a pile since Christmas. I keep adding to the pile, saying, “I’ll have time in the summer.” #1 Son often adds books to the pile, things he loved and wants me to read so we can talk about them. The ones that are work-related always get short shrift compared to the novels or other interesting non-fiction books.

If I had absolutely all the time in the world, I would learn to play the guitar again. I thought I would find time last summer, but it didn’t happen.

One thing I would love to do if both cost and time were no object would be to have a camp of my own, move the kids and dogs and husband out of town to a lake for several weeks and unplug. (I say that, but you will all remember that I have taken my laptop on every trip longer than one night I have taken in the past year.)

Most of all, I hope to have some fun!

12 thoughts on “Happy June 1st!”

  1. Camp Songbird?
    May we all come?
    I’m glad your summers move along at a different pace than the rest of the year. I feel sorry for those whose work is hurried all year long.

  2. I want to come to Camp Songbird also. Your image of what summer should be sounds lovely. And lemonade, while sitting on Adirondack chairs by a lake. That is my perfect summer ; )

  3. Oh for long summers- school is still in here until mid-July and goes back at the beginning of September just 6 short weeks! I really miss the feeling of time stretching out before me…

  4. Quick note from the English teacher: reading your mention of “short shrift” made me laugh because–thank you, Romeo and Juliet–shrift means “confession”. “Short shrift” meant that the priest sort of blew you off. So to have you-as-minister refer to short shrift just seemed. . . so . . . accidentally fitting! Oh well. Never mind. Too many term papers. I’ll stop. 🙂

  5. It does indeed sound lovely….like Sally, I have to make do with only 6 weeks of school free life, beginning in mid July…Summers seem shorter every year,- the last time they were really spacious like that was when all 3 chidren were at primary school, and I had no job outside the home. Ah well…There are some happy things to look forward to along the way, including, I hope, an irl.
    Hugs for a sunny Friday 🙂 x

  6. I do have all the time in the world! Well for 9 weeks, anyway… I’m going to not use the car (bike and walk instead), read, lead a Bible study, work on the house, and become a literacy volunteer. Next time you’re in Oswego, let me know! You probably stayed in the hotel by the river, right? That’s 5 blocks from my house. I’ll make you guys dinner.

  7. Patti, definitely! He goes to CT in the fall, but we’ll see about next spring. Last year he stayed in a neighboring town, this year in some sort of damp cottage outside Oswego. Even his clean clothes were smelly when he got home! Bleh.

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