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Random Monday Holiday Moments

*I first woke up at 4:55 a.m. It was already getting light outside. Did I wake up in Sweden?

*I next woke up with the alarm at 6:45 a.m. We call that “sleeping in” around here. Neither of us leapt out of bed, but The Princess arrived and sat beside me and eventually decided to go downstairs and see the dogs. We could hear the sounds of much excitement. Pure Luck got up, too, and left me blissfully contemplating a day off.

*The Princess returned and got in on PL’s side of the bed. “How do you ever get out of this bed?” she said, dreamily. We have a very comfortable bed. I was really enjoying it. I dozed again.

*Meanwhile, NPR was playing on my radio, and they told the story of a ban on cigarette smoking in Australian brothels. I thought I must be dreaming until I heard The Princess say, “What?!?!!” (Hat tip to Kathy for being awake when she heard the story!)

*When I finally got downstairs at 7:40 or so, I noticed the front door was slightly ajar, just as it had been when I went upstairs last night. I remember telling Pure Luck to leave it unlocked, as #1 Son was out with some of his friends from high school days. A sudden horror gripped me, and I sent The Princess up to the third floor to see if #1 Son was in his bed. He was not. I called his cellphone, which rang and rang and rang, and finally went to voice mail. As I was preparing to leave a frantic message, I heard the beep on my line indicating an incoming call. It was a sheepish and sleepy #1 Son. “Hi, I stayed at Genius Boy’s house and slept here. Sorry.” “We will talk about this when you get home,” I replied icily (secretly relieved, of course, but miffed nonetheless).

*After breakfast, we took the dogs to one of the off-leash areas here in City By the Sea. This one is used by people and dogs and is not completely fenced. Sam gets to be off-leash the whole time, but Molly has to be guarded at certain points. Sam got very excited about a squirrel and went bounding around after it. We call squirrels “Sam Snacks,” not because he has ever eaten one, but because he wants to *so* much. The squirrel ran cleverly up a tree. Sam continued to sniff around the trunk, puzzled at the Sam Snack’s disappearance.

*Both dogs got very, very muddy.

*We had to hose them off when we got home. We discussed the possibility of taking them to the Dog Wash place, then decided it would be worth the money to make an appointment at the groomer’s instead.

*#1 Son got home before we did. He came downstairs while I was sweeping the kitchen floor (see dirty dogs above) and apologized over and over for having been so thoughtless. He allowed as how there had been some drinking. I told him I would rather have a late call saying he was staying at Genius Boy’s than a heart attack at the sight of his empty bed the next morning. He told me he knew better, but he had sort of forgotten the difference between college and home. I whapped him with the broom. (I don’t hit very hard. But it felt like the appropriate punctuation.)

*His words of wisdom on the subject of last night: “Bad liquor makes you feel awful the next morning. Wild Turkey is bad liquor.”

*Mine: “You had to drink it to know that?”

*Our dining room is full of boys and dogs. Pure Luck is running The Game for #2 Son and his friends this afternoon. He had #1 Son roll up a new character who will join the party for today’s adventure. The character is a disgraced nobleman, which seems fitting at the moment.

*The Princess and her friend, Ever-So-Smart, are off on a bike ride, their first unchaperoned bike ride out of the immediate neighborhood together, to a classmate’s house and back. I am coming to grips with the fact that they will be in Middle School soon. I just hope they aren’t carrying a bottle of Wild Turkey along for the ride.

14 thoughts on “Random Monday Holiday Moments”

  1. Oh, dear, Songbird. I’m sorry I’ve been away from your blog for so long (am only just getting to the phase of the quarter with somewhat regular internet access). But this entry made me laugh, and laugh a lot. My sympathies to #1 Son, though.
    And yes, Wild Turkey is bad stuff.

  2. The GoodinParts offspring have been trying very VERY hard to make me think the other way up…as in “Well, mummy, when I’m at university next year you won’t know WHAT time I’m coming in….so this is good practice for you” etc
    Somehow, it doesn’t seem to work.
    Sympathetic hugs. Hope the pulse rate has now returned to near normal! xxx

  3. I know I could share some Wild Turkey moments that happened with fellow Episcopalians–a friend of mine used to have a party called a “Turkey Shoot”–but those memories are somewhat vague and fuzzy, for obvious reasons.

  4. Experience with #1 Son sounds like experiences I had with Portia home from college. I swear that’s when my hair started turning grey in earnest.

  5. Well uh songbird you had quite an adventure you had, chasing squirrels, having a slight heart attack over #1 son, and letting go of Princess. And you were as sane as you were when I met you in Atlanta? How do you do it?

  6. Hmmm that sounds all too familiar to me!!!
    We often leave doors open/ check for empty beds, my heart still stops til I find out what is going on…
    The walk sounds great though even if it did mean a muddy floor!

  7. Hi, Deb! I have never experienced it myself, but it just sounds that way.
    Sally, oy! I hope I won’t have to do too much more of this…
    And QG, my hair is already that way; it’s simply camouflaged.

  8. Chortling at the thought of the girls carrying Wild Turkey…and relieved that they aren’t.
    And at the idea of the broom whack. I’m gonna use that one one day here soon!

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