Friday Five: This I Believe

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This week’s Friday Five is simple. Name five things you believe–these don’t have to be long statements–short sentences, both serious and frivolous.

1. On the grand cosmic scale, I believe in a transcendent goodness I call God, and I believe the love emanating from that goodness is available to everyone, with no discrimination based on race or class or gender or orientation or nationality or age or size or disposition. (Sometimes I wish the last one were not included, but when I’m having a cranky day, I’m grateful it is.)

2. I believe dogs are essential and yarn is a close second, with ice cream a near third.

3. I believe sex is a gift.

4. I believe my children will be loving adults, both in the personal realm and in a broader sense, and in being so they will live out my dreams for them.

5. I believe reverendmother is pretty good at this Friday Five thing.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: This I Believe”

  1. Amen, especially number 4. (Actually mine already are, adults that is). Having just returned from “South City by the Sea” where we saw the musical “Gypsy,” a horrible example in my mind of the wrong way of dreaming for your children…well, this was a good thought to be reminded to think. And glad the lovely dog is feeling better.

  2. C’s M, you are so right. I’ve been a sort of stage mother, and the Rose type of mother is a nightmare for everyone. And there are some out there, even here in the relative hinterlands!
    Thanks for commenting, C’s M and Jen!

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