The Morning After

Molly is resting in her “den,” which is to say she is under the dining room table. This is a favorite spot, especially when she is not feeling well. After her hip surgery at age 9 months, when not in her crate for the night, she spent most of her recuperation period under the table. I was surprised that she didn’t ask to be outside last night as she had insisted the night before, but also relieved, since it is hard to keep a close watch on a dog who is in the yard all night.

Here she is on Monday afternoon, when she was just starting to feel a bit under the weather.

Last night, she successfully kept down water and antibiotics. She looks peaked, if a tri-colored dog can do so, but she thumps her tail happily, if more slowly than usual, against the floor when she sees us.

I have to admit I was ready for the worst yesterday when I came home and heard she had gone to the vet. But this seems to be a virus or infection and x-rays and bloodwork gave us nothing bigger as a concern. She may have picked up this bug at the Berner event on Sunday. I’m thankful she received a blessing as well.

Sam says, “Don’t worry. I am keeping an eye on things!”

17 thoughts on “The Morning After”

  1. My gosh they are just beautiful! It looks as though they could just start talking!
    I do pray that she is better soon!

  2. Molly is improving as the day goes on. She ate a little bit of special canned food (Hills I/D for upset tummies) for breakfast, and when she smelled the food again just now, she got up and came out of the dining room into the kitchen! She ate a little more and is now resting on the couch in Pure Luck’s office. She still looks dragged out, but there is a little more perk in her eyes. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  3. I’m so glad she’s better! I guess it isn’t surprising that she’s still draggy when I think about how I feel after an intestinal bug. Your babies are beautiful, and they look so happy.

  4. Is it no wonder St. Francis preached to the animals? Gracie, Ivy, and Sunny (my PKs–Pastor Kitties) send prayers of healing, as do I!

  5. God bless sweet Molly in her recovery. I’m an Australian cattle dog gal myself, but your dogs are so gorgeous, I started looking up Berners on the internet. Your post about the blessing of the animals brought tears to my eyes.

  6. We’ve been through the puppy-girl hip surgery, too, as well as the occasional mysterious bacterial infection (got one of those last month). It’s always such a joy when they give you those undisputable signals that they’re starting to feel better!

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