Festival of Homiletics

Heading Home

This will be the last morning at the Festival of Homiletics. It has been a wonderful week, a mountaintop experience. Over and over, by different speakers in varied manners, I have heard an articulation of the Good News that sings for me. Lectures on preaching have challenged me to seek new understandings of what I do each week and why. The well-known in preaching circles have urged those of us more ordinary not to expect the famous to do all the work, but to pray and to preach and to bring about change ourselves.

I feel challenged and equipped and humbled.

Being with my RevGal friends: what riches!

On Wednesday morning, James Forbes of Riverside Church had us all stand and sing “Jesus Loves Me.” And while we sang the refrain, we stood with our arms making a cup in front of us, to hold the love.

My cup runneth over.

5 thoughts on “Heading Home”

  1. I love the idea of making cupped hands, the thought of love flowing out from all those cups is an amazing one, there must have been a river of love, and it is flowing across the nation now as you all journey home….if a little bit flowed out into the Mexican Gulf it might just make it to the wet and rainy UK and warm us up a bit!

  2. What a pleasure to spend a little time with you and so many others!
    You, dear Songbird, are a class act whose melodies will linger with me for many a summer’s evening…Thanks for being you.
    Traveling mercies!

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