Festival of Homiletics

Overheard at the Festival

Songbird and St. Casserole are strolling through the corridor outside the gigantic sanctuary of the Peachtree Road UMC, when a group of young women with babies and knitting beguile their eyes. On their first pass they flirt with the babies, but on the way back, they stop to say hello.

St. Casserole: Are you all clergywomen?

Cute Young Woman #1: Yes!

St. Casserole: Well, bless your hearts. You make me so happy. You are the future of the church.

Cute Young Woman #2: Wait until you see the t-shirts we’re going to wear tomorrow!

Songbird (suspiciously): Why? What do they say?

Cute Young Woman #3: Don’t tell. We want it to be a surprise.

Songbird (coercingly): Oh, please, tell us!

Cute Young Women 1-4: “Does this pulpit make my butt look big?”

St. Casserole: Now, where did you get that?

Cute Young Woman #1: CafePress.

Songbird: From the RevGalblogPals?

Cute Young Women: Yes, how did you know?

St. C and Songbird: We ARE the RevGalBlogPals!

St. C: This is Songbird!

Songbird: And she’s St. Casserole!!

Cute Young Woman #1: I just joined! I’m Chick Pastor!!!

Much rejoicing ensues.

(We thought up a thing, and people know about it!!)


17 thoughts on “Overheard at the Festival”

  1. How cool is that? You’re famous!
    (PS — I think Pure Luck should hush after all the traipsing through the mountains that he’s done! Can anyone say Appalachian Trail?! 🙂 Just kidding, Pure Luck! )

  2. Will you remember us, now that you’ve hit the big time? Or are we just minions of the little people? *sigh*
    Ha ha! I am officially applying for driver/body guard.

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