Festival of Homiletics

On My Way, But…

I’m writing this at Gate A14 at Beantown Airport, where I am waiting for a flight I wasn’t originally scheduled to take today. I left home at the crack of early, boarded a bus in City By the Sea and headed for the Beantown, only to have the trip take twice as long as usual due to the unfortunate weather conditions continuing to persist in New England. It just won’t stop raining, and roads are flooded. Route 1 in the vicinity of Beantown was closed, and the bus took an alternate route, along with everybody else.

On the bus I watched (almost) two movies, “The School of Rock” (pretty good for a bus ride) and “Proof” (how does it end? is it worth renting it to find out?) and worked on a sock for The Princess.

I arrived at the airport about fifteen minutes after my flight was closed, moments before it lifted off.

The next flight to Hotlanta was already full, save one first class seat I might have had for a mere $754 one way.

I must admit it was somewhat tempting. You see, the RevGals are meeting for an early dinner, and I am now getting in too late to meet them.

I am one sad bird.

St. Casserole and I have been in touch by phone. She was counting on me to help her recognize the RevGals at the meet-up point this afternoon. I told her to look for reverendmother. She’ll be the one with the baby. I probably ought to have suggested looking for the red toenail polish, too.

And so I wait, drinking a Starbucks mocha and eating a cinnamon scone. There is a suspiciously clerical looking woman sitting in the same waiting area (short grey hair, glasses, mostly black clothes with a good-looking jacket, prominent cross). I’m tempted to introduce myself and ask if she’s going to the Festival, too.

I don’t think I look particularly clerical with my long, wild and curly hair and the adorable beaded-trimmed denim jacket bought under St. C’s influence while in the Disaster Zone. I am wearing my favorite preaching shoes, a pair of reliable Birkenstock loafers in dire need of replacement.

I left all my bracelets and earrings at home. I bought some earrings in the Metropolitan Museum gift shop here in the airport. Why is there a Met store in Beantown, I ask you?

Please leave comments, as I am a lonely Songbird with another 45 minutes until boarding time. And pray that I get there in time to hear Barbara Brown Taylor preach tonight.

15 thoughts on “On My Way, But…”

  1. Oh, I’m so SO sorry you missed that flight. Hope the next one gets you there swift and safe and that you get a chance to catch up with as many revgals as possible through the rest of the conference.
    At the very least, please will you exchange hugs with St C on my behalf.
    Take care xxx

  2. That’s awful, Songbird. It’s so frustrating to be stuck in an airport and trying to get on another flight. Sorry you’re going to miss the dinner and hope you don’t get into Atlanta too late.

  3. Pictures! I want to know if you packed a camera!
    I am so sorry that you missed your flight. I know that it sucks but there is always a reason….
    Did I happen to mention (like for the 45th time) that I am so jealous?!?!?!?

  4. ouch. I’m sorry 🙁
    you’d think the plane might have been delayed a little too cos of the weather wouldn’t you
    Mindy! you didn’t page her did you ???? laughing

  5. Gosh, you could’ve been describing me…but I’m home 🙁 Sorry you missed your flight and dinner with the RevGals. I hope things go better for the rest of the trip.

  6. Air travel. Ain’t it grand? I don’t know which is worse: winter snowstorm delays, or summer flood delays. either way, I’m sorry you got stuck.
    “Proof” : rent it to see the ending. Not extraordinary, but interesting. A tad Hollywood, but still quirky.
    I’m with Kathryn: give all the RevGals hugs from me, and if you pass thru DC on the backswing, I’ll come out to the airport to keep you company!

  7. I’ve taken that bus up from Beantown and back. Thank God I wasn’t catching a flight on the return trip. The bus-train-plane journey can be a harrowing experience.
    Travel mercies!

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