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Today is a day of preparations.

There is a sermon to finish and practice (outlined and some sections written).

I need to do some shopping for my trip on Monday (because when you are rooming with St. Casserole, you want to look your best).

There is a suggestion in Seasons of the Spirit for creating a gigantic fabric cross in the sanctuary to represent the spreading of the gospel to the four corners of the world (or the four directions, if you’re one of those new-agey Christians like me), and that means I need to make a trip to the fabric store. (Probably also to church, since I have quite literally no idea how much yardage I would need.)

I volunteered to buy flowers for the altar tomorrow. I like good flowers on Mother’s Day, for reasons of my own.

But friends, it is raining hard enough that branches are falling off the trees, and I am cozy in my jammies at 11:18 a.m. and going outside seems a very poor idea at the moment.

At least I’m doing some pre-trip laundry…

13 thoughts on “Preparations”

  1. Well you know I am doing laundry too, don’t you?
    But I’ve left a lot of the rest of it–lists, packing, grocery shopping so the fam doesn’t starve while I’m gone, etc. to the last minute.
    My Study Leave begins tomorrow morning, so I get to sleep in and take a somewhat leisurely approach to Mother’s Day, thanks be to God!

  2. hey, can you take a picture of that cross thing if you think of it? the fabulous guy who is in charge of all things fabric out here seems to be MIA at the moment, and sr pastor is gone, leaving me in charge of everything and since it’s 3 on saturday afternoon and I’m still battling with my sermon, I’m pretty sure that cool cross things is just not going to get done.

  3. Jen, I had to give up on that. The thought of going to church to take measurements, and spending the money at the fabric store, was all too much on this horrifyingly rainy day.

  4. I have this image of you and St. Cass sitting up talking late into the night as you paint your toenails beautiful colours. Not that I’m jealous or anything. No, nothing like that…. 🙂
    Have fun!

  5. I wish everyone could be with us in Atlanta.
    I’m frantic doing many things quickly. I thought I was prepared. Part of the prob is that I spent the week on the Ethiopian guy then switched to I am the Vine. I wish I wouldn’t do that!
    I’m so happy thinking about talking with Songbird IN PERSON!!!

  6. man! (or woman!) I am so jealous. I think I’ll stop visiting all your sites for a week (at least!)
    seriously have fun, worship,learn and deepen those God-given realtionships.
    Oh and spare a thought and a prayer for those of us who are – sob sob sob – left behind!

  7. I hate to disappoint anyone, but I’m a plain toenail girl. Although under certain influences, I suppose anything is possible!

  8. I went and got a pedicure yesterday in honor of all of you and the trip! I hope you have a wondeful time!!
    I would also like to see a pic of that cross!

  9. Hey there!
    Got the info for Monday night feasting! Looking forward to seeing you all there. I will be in the Doubletree Hotel: Lydia Land!
    Travel safely,

  10. Plain toenails??!! No “I’m Not a Waitress” red (aka Red Tent Red)?
    Ladies of the Festival of Homies, this situation must be handled without delay. I leave it in your capable hands….

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