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I’m Still Here

A few thoughts in a tiny window on a crazy busy day:

1) After that last post about the child who disturbed us during the concert last Saturday, I wanted to be sure and tell you how I feel about children in worship: I love them there. Before seminary, I worked in the Children’s Room at the City By the Sea Public Library. “Tales for Twos” was my bailiwick. I am very, very patient. In church, I worry sometimes about whether older people can hear me well if there is crying, but that is as much about my relatively small voice as it is about a baby. And, frankly, most of the older people at Small Church find the babies as least as illuminating as anything I am saying.

2) Whole Wheat pretzels dipped right into the Skippy taste really good at 3:20 p.m. when you didn’t get lunch.

3) Sometimes people surprise you pleasantly.

4) I’m thinking about forgiveness. And love. And family. And home. More on these later. But for now, what do you think, is it harder to forgive others, or to forgive yourself?

5) Have to run again. Think of me tonight attending the Progressive Dinner hosted by members of the Ladies Guild. The elements of the meal will be marvelous, and the company is good, too.

21 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. RE #4 – I was going to say “self, natch” but then thought of a friend who has an addiction that’s making me FURIOUS and some family members who are doing something that’s making be feel and act CRAZY and I changed my mind. After years of therapy, spritual direction and walking with Jesus, I’m doing better at forgivng myself. This post reminds me that the first step is not nearly enough.

  2. Others… I can hold a grudge like NOBODY’s business. At least I save them for special occasions (like if you mess with one of my friends… it’s a NJ thing)

  3. ditto cheesehead and linda 🙂
    forgiving. I have to work on forgiving anyone, me or the other. forgiving someone who hurts someone I love is about the hardest thing I know, I get so puffed up with righteous indignation. Sigh.
    Forgiving IS the way forward but mostly we don’t know what forgiving is, and therein lies the problem.
    be blessed

  4. Me
    I guess I’ve been so blessed that there aren’t many issues to carry around in terms of forgiving others, though if anyone damaged the children, things might look very different.

  5. We could have a bloggers progressive dinner but I am afraid that we would get hungry while traveling to the next course!
    I love being surprised in a good way. You deserve it.

  6. Mindy, how about a progressive vacation?
    I’ve been shocked by how long something that hurt me can stay with me, buried deep but happy to rear its ugliness at the first opportunity, and it makes me wonder if I’m any good at forgiving at all.

  7. Definitely others. I can be way too easy on myself at times.
    And I love to hear babies in church. We have one little girl who loves to laugh and babble during the sermon at our contemporary (and less formal) service. She makes my week, and fortunately the pastor who usually preaches that one has three young ones of his own, so he’s not at all distracted.

  8. Self. Definitely. It’s all wrapped up in the wooly strands of unworthiness. Do I deserve forgiveness? How could anyone forgive me, with all my ugly flaws?
    The I start thinking about the forgiveness of God, and how He’s already forgiven me, and I feel better. What right do I have to not forgive myself when the Big Dude can love me and forgive me?
    (and oh, by the way, how can I NOT forgive others when the Big Dude can?)
    Of course, we can go into a whole discussion about forgiveness vs. reconciliation, but that’s another blog opportunity!

  9. …and I love the idea of a RevGals progressive meal or vacation or whatever…at the very least, a virtual progressive meal, where we move from site to site offering a meal idea or recipe or something…see – that’s the nonfattening variety!

  10. ooooohhh…that does sound good songbird! A progressive vacation!
    And it is much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive myself.

  11. I love the idea of a progressive vacation … packing my bags as I speak … and will skip from one RevGalPal’s abode to the next if I can
    seriously I’m sure we can do something that would be fun. Thinking hats on now ok?
    SB some hurts do stay there. Not because they are unforgiven, but because they are unforgivable. By that I mean you may well have forgiven them – left them with God – but because you (or someone you love) was sinned against – prob badly – it’s damaged you. There are scabs and scars –
    and it ain’t right – but it is real. Sigh
    be blessed friend

  12. Lorna, you’re so right. When I went through my interviews with the Commission on Ministry, one of the members asked me which of my gifts did I think would be most useful in ministry. I said, “My scars, because they help me meet people where they are, and show that Christ has walked with me through the pain, and is with me still.” Two of the priests in the group wept at that one. Not quite the reaction I expected – just truth. I think we’re made stronger and richer human beings by surviving pain and loss. Not what I’d wish on anyone, but just a fact of life.

  13. Have fun at your dinner!
    I find it pretty hard to forgive myself. I give other people much more room to make mistakes than I give myself.

  14. Self, for sure, because I often take so very long to get enough perspective on my own actions to realize that a)I’ve made a mistake–easier to defensively blame a sitaution on others–and b)I’m worthy of forgiveness and c)it’s possible to forgive. Others, I tend to be more understanding.

  15. help!
    so, i finally realized that i don’t have the revgal webring link on my new blog. i want to put it back on, but i have a couple problems.
    1) i don’t have the code to put the box on my blog. i signed up to join the ring with my blog, again, but i’m not sure if that was what i was supposed to do… that gave me the code, but that brings up a new problem-
    2)i don’t know what to do with the code to put in on my typepad blog.
    so, since you are a revgal administrator and a typepad blog user i thought you could help.
    so, PLEASE HELP!!!!

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