RevGal Friday Five: Avoidance

This weekend I must do the dreaded college


paperwork for my oldest. Even though it is the third time around, I am no better at it than I was the first. I suspect I will be practicing avoidance and getting it done at the last.possible.moment.

Thus our Friday Five: name five things you do when you are trying to avoid doing what you really need to do.

1) As you can clearly see, Blog Re-design is a finely honed avoidance tool. I think I’m finished, for now. Still torn between the two-column layout, with more side-to-side text, and the three columns drawing attention to the sidebar items, another beloved avoidance tool.

2) Laundry. During seminary, I could never write a paper until the family laundry was well underway. This is not true at any other time. I can walk past overflowing clothes baskets without even seeing them.

3) Internet surfing, including blogs, but I also have a weakness for reading (not posting at) Television Without Pity. Another favorite web distraction: the Internet Movie Database.

4) Escaping into a good novel. Today I started reading Gregory Maguire’s Mirror, Mirror, which has fairy tale references, the Borgias and everything I really need to read today. Seriously.

5) Noshing. Don’t you find all this avoidance to be very hungry work? I do. At the moment I’m working very hard not to overeat or eat otherwise poorly, but peeling an orange or slicing an apple can be a great procrastination technique, particularly when you eat the fruit one little section at a time.

10 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Avoidance”

  1. 1) Cleaning. I claim I can’t work at a messy desk, but realy I can work anywhere … if I feel like working.
    2) Reading blogs.
    3) Answerring distracting (but unnecessary) email.
    4) Books. I love to read and cant really do much of that these days, so I often hear that siren song . . .
    5) Errands. I claim they are critical, but really I wouldn’t starve if I didn’t hit the grocery store for a few days.

  2. I am liking the 3 columns.
    And I am still trying to get your stuff copied…for some reason I have put off doing that…maybe cause I would open the book and have to start eatting right???

  3. Mindy, of course! I’m sure whenever it arrives, it will be the right time.
    Corrie, straightening out my desk at church is another of these, but I can’t claim it at home.

  4. Heh. It’s funny you should mention a Gregory Maguire book. I just finished a book (Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys”) and I figured now would be a good time to finally (!) start reading Maguire’s “Son of a Witch”. I know that some folks felt it was a bit of a letdown compared to “Wicked” but I am curious to see where Maguire takes “the rest of the story”.
    Let me know how you like “Mirror, Mirror” since I have that book, too, and plan to get to it eventually.

  5. I answered over at revgals (I think- still groggy after the op)
    but wanted to say that your text size is a bit small … 🙁
    course I could find my glasses
    (and at least it’s black on white – not vice versa which my eyes complain about a lot btw)
    byeeeeeee I’ll be back soon

  6. hmmm…I’m liking the two colum look. I am going to ponder the pros and cons of your page design for the next few minutes. After that I will start thinking about how I procrastinate. And then I will get back to wor…Hey! That’s a cool word cloud on the side! I gotta check that out…

  7. What is it with laundry… I have that problem too, I’ve taken the next three weeks as study break to get my head into books and get some essays done, but over the next few days I am trying to ensure that I get as much laundry and housework out of the way as possible…or it will be essential that I do that first…normally I amnot bothered by it!!!

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