Ten Simple Pleasures

I’ve been tagged by RevEm, so here goes:

1. Knitting a prayer shawl. I’ve gotten so used to making them, I don’t have to look down. It’s very meditative.

2. Playing hymns on the piano. I love to do it. Sometimes when I’m stumped in my worship planning, I go into the sanctuary and start playing hymns that feel connected to the texts for the week. This has been known to surprise our nursery school staff…

3. Hugs. My children and spouse are all good huggers.

4. Smelling the lilacs when they finally open up enough for the fragrance to break free.

5. Giving the dogs a “cookie.” I love their attentive, happy faces.

6. Reading a good novel.

7. Baking the aforementioned Apocalypse Chocolate Cake, a seemingly foolproof recipe.

8. Singing along to musicals with my children. We are such a family of show music geeks! It makes me very happy that The Princess now joins in; she always knew the music and is a good singer, but for some reason hesitated to sing along out loud.

9. Petting a purring cat. I usually have one as a bedtime companion, at least until Pure Luck comes to bed.

10. Snuggling with my husband. He has many gifts, and this is one of them.

8 thoughts on “Ten Simple Pleasures”

  1. You may notice I left coffee off the list. It is not a simple pleasure for me. It is a complex series of interactions resulting in a celebration. Not simple at all. 😉

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