We moved into this house almost 8 years ago. It was an absolute mess. Every surface in the house had to be scrubbed and painted or sanded and re-finished, or in the case of the bathroom, gutted and replaced. I loved the entire project and was able to draw good boundaries about how much to do right then and what we could wait to do later.

The later projects, however, have tended not to be completed. The kitchen has some new cabinets built to match the originals, but two years later they are still waiting to be painted. The garage has a new foundation, but it is also awaiting paint. The bathroom, which was done in a very economical fashion, could use some upgrading and a fresh coat of paint.


Are you sensing a theme?

I gave this blog a new look the other day, but as it turned out the template is buggy, and Typepad recommends trying another while they work on the bugs. It’s fun for me, because I love picking out paint!

Do you enjoy redecorating? Paint or paper? Hardwood or carpet? Do-it-yourself or hiring the experts? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. I have issues with change and worthiness, so we don’t do much upgrading around here. (We were lucky that it was in relatively good shape when we bought it.)
    But we can’t go to a hardware or decorating store without getting the kids those little square paint chip samples — one of every color on display. They play with those things for hours.

  2. We have been in our house for something like 12 years and have done very little to it. But I did do paint! My living rooms is deep cowslip yellow. My dining room is Mayan gold (which is really a dark orange!) My guest room is a weird deep green and my kids’ room is dark blue AND purple!
    Believe it or not, my secret dream job (after monk) is to work in a paint store…

  3. we built our house (yes we really did) and moved in 9 years ago now. We finished most jobs- but there are still a few un-done – like the beading around the sauna door (they ran out in the store – now don’t tell me they still haven’t re-stocked! lol)
    But we were close to bankrupcy at the time (it all cost more than budgeted ) and so all our curtains were casts off from elsewhere.
    Last summer we finally re-decorated DD’s room and she got mirrored closet doors, new curtains and a new bed spread
    and this week – tuesday to be precise – I’m going with a friend to see if we can find fabric for curtains for hubby’s and my bedroom (the ones we have my mum made for me as a teenager or something – at least 25 years old!! and I didn’t even like them then!) and I’m hoping to buy a bedspread too.
    course having the fabric doesn’t equal having new curtains, so that’s also a prayer request that I can actually make them. (my sewing skills aren’t very good – so that’s quite a prayer request!)
    enjoy fiddling with the layout here. It’s a nice surprise every time I pop in.

  4. I love do-it-yourself stuff when I can take my time on it and get it just the way I want it. I love working with my hands and the sense of accomplishment when it’s done.

  5. I’m ready to stop mucking about with it for the moment, I think.
    Except, I wonder if I could change it to deep cowslip yellow? 😉

  6. I love the new look!
    And I do like DIY projects, although I tend to like having done them than doing them. But I like feeling like I *can* do them–it’s not so much like I’m worthy of the change, but I’m competent to do them.
    In the early 1990s I was a girl scout leader, junior troop, co-leading with a friend in graduate school. She wanted to do the Ms. Fix It badge with the girls, and I thought she was nuts. I’m not handy, I thought. But she and I went to the library and got some books, and we practiced the skills we taught the girls–replacing screens, rewiring a lamp, and changing out the innards of a toilet. It was fun! And all we needed to do was read a book and we could do it, and teach the grade 4-5 girls to do it, too. And that got me hooked on feeling competent, like I could learn to do stuff.

  7. When we moved into our present home, I was on my way out the door to seminary, so the renovations had to take place over time.
    Now the house is pretty much as we want, with the exception of the bathroom which needs a complete re-do, including major disability adjustments.
    Our living/dining room is my favourite — it’s in a colour called “Beach Glass” — I calm down as soon I enter the room.

  8. I’ve only owned one house, and I only thought about what I would do if I had money. But then I sold it and went to seminary. So I’m all about portability–what I can hang on the walls to make a place home. And everything that hangs on my walls has some personal meaning to me. I like that.
    I live in a rectory now–huge, bigger than any house I’ve ever lived in. Some renovations were under way when I moved in. My only contributions: asking for (and getting!) hardwood floors in the kitchen and hallway, removal of ugly w2w carpeting covering hard wood floors in LR and DR and picking paint for kitchen (sage green). This house has some very New England-y details–luckily I like them.

  9. Beach glass sounds pretty, Sue!
    RevDrMom, I would love getting involved in a project like that, probably more than the church leaders would like!!

  10. Our house was unlivable when we moved in. It’d been on the market for 1.5 years while people looked at it and said, “ooh, yuck!” and ran away. We did a few things like douse the walls with bleach, repair the totally fallen ceilings, toss a quick coat of cheap paint on all, and move in.
    It’s been 5 years. Slowly, slowly, we are getting things done. Block glass in the bathroom window recently. Painted exterior, too. Ken’s helpers do it all. I’d rather hire someone (then I can fuss if things go wrong!) but you takes what you gets.

  11. Oh my goodness! The revbaby’s nursery is in Beach Glass!!
    It is wonderfully soothing.
    I like *having redecorated* rather than *redecorating*. It’s all about the verb tense.

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