Blessed and Broken

Rainy_day_2Yes, this was our day in City By the Sea. It also included hail.

It was a bit cool, then, for walking outside. The Blessed Dog Walker took the dogs out this morning, and Molly refused to be walked in the rain this afternoon. (Sam went along as he was told when #2 Son put him on the leash.)

I turned to the elliptical.

Friends, I like the elliptical, I really do, but one day when I was feeling particularly excited about an episode of 24 I stayed on the darn thing for 42 minutes. Now I feel that anything less would be lame and wimpy.

The trouble is, after 42 minutes, I feel broken!! I am okay from the waist up, but my legs really, really hate me. Will this pass as I continue to do these 42-minute workouts?

And how will I convince myself to keep at it after I’ve worked my way through all the available seasons of 24?

This summer I hope to do some hiking with Pure Luck. He says the elliptical will get me ready. I want to believe it. I want to believe that although I am broken now, I will be blessed later.

Feel free to encourage me.

15 thoughts on “Blessed and Broken”

  1. Six months ago I was getting checkups from my cardiologist and vascular surgeon. Surgery from both took place a few years ago. As usual when the completed their prodding and poking I was asked if there was any other problems. I told them there was — the pain in my legs. Well, after a bit of discussion and further prodding and poking I was told the spine was very dependent on the support of the abdominal muscles and if I would get some exercise and lose the beer gut the pain in my legs would go away. I asked to use the phone. He asked why. I told him I wanted to call and see if my insurance would pay for a second opinion.
    BUT, damn it, I did start an exercise program and the pain’s gone. Hang in there Songbird. Maybe you’ll leave Pure Luck panting in your dust.

  2. encouraging you and hiking with PL in the summer is the carrot.
    I ached all day yesterday (calves) and still do today. Nothing as energetic as your contraption. I went swimming on Monday and climbed a few stairs. I think it’s probably my body saying you’ve been away from home long enough. Praise God I get home on Friday night (10pm) and poor family I think I’ll just collapse 🙁
    Roll on Summer.

  3. Ooh….aching in sympathy! I’m not even sure I know what an elliptical machine is (it sounds vaguely medieval and tortuous!) but nonetheless…may heaven reward your efforts! I’m just trying to cycle/walk everywhere I possibly can…(and doing dreary weight watchers online, too 🙁 )

  4. Get the first season of *Lost* next. OMG….you will be hooked!! You could borrow mine if I was not so hooked on that show.
    Congrats on doing a whole lot more than I am doing!!

  5. Silly as it sounds, I have a calendar by the treadmill and give myself “stars” for walking four times a week. I somehow feel disappointed if I don’t have four stars each week. I also rationalize that I am certainly worth dedicating one hour four times a week to walking/thinking/taking care of my health. It’s become time for me to ponder my life and it usually results in a good amount of blog fodder too. My reward recently was finding that my HDL cholesterol was up to 69 (whoo hooo)! Not to mention “the aunties” (my thighs) as Anne Lamott calls them, are slowly shrinking. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you, encouragers!
    Mindy, I have Season One of Lost (and have watched them all more than once!), so you can see that we are hooked, too. They may well be worth a re-watch.
    QP, good for you!
    samtzmom, walking and treadmill are great for thinking, but for the elliptical I need excitement (!!) or I don’t go fast enough to make it worthwhile. I used to love the treadmill, but I had to stop using it because of an ankle injury. The repetitive way the foot comes down over and over again didn’t work well.
    Kathryn, Weight Watchers online? Yuck. When I used it successfully years ago, it was going to the meeting that gave me the boost I needed to keep at it. I would think it would be *very* dreary online. At this point I find I’m unwilling to commit to a diet but enthusiastic about the exercise, so I’m going to start there.

  7. make sure you are using your arms too–don’t just hold on to the bars, but swing your bent-at-the-elbow arms as if you’re jogging. That may help some, as well as being more beneficial!
    As for the post-24 situation….maybe Buffy can help you out. 144 43 minute episodes in 7 seasons, and about 6175 of those 6192 minutes are incredibly worthwhile. You’ll want to stay at the gym every minute for a week! 🙂

  8. I got nothin’
    I’m going to the gym this week to clean out my locker since it’s closing soon for the summer. If I could watch movies while working out, I’d be all over it. Unfortunately, all I can watch are 19 year olds. Depressing.
    I’m impressed that you have such a contraption in your house. I love the way the eliptical feels like flying through space. Keep at it!

  9. teri, people have been commending Buffy to me for years, but unfortunately the first episode I ever saw was “Doublemeat Palace,” and I could never get the bad taste out of my mouth. However, now that we have Netflix, I could probably rent a disc and give it a try again.
    Oh, ppb, I would be worth nothing at this if it weren’t at home with a TV/DVD mere feet away.

  10. Teri took the words right from my fingers; I, too, would highly recommend “Buffy”. It’s exciting and funny and a great exploration of women’s empowerment. The first season may be a bit tough going, but it gets much, much better. Scholars have written tomes about it, and there are all sorts of theological allusions that run throughout.
    And, the most important part, it will keep you entertained for 42 minutes at a time.

  11. I, too, have a reward calendar for exercising. I don’t generally purchase things for myself, and this way I get to get a book (a rare treat) or something small for every so many sessions.

  12. Thanks so much. Thank you. Yesterday I didn’t get home and have dinner until after 8, then collapsed exhausted. Tonight I must get on the elliptical!

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