Every now and then I get it in my head that I would like my blog to be a bit more visible or visited. I start visiting other blogs and leaving comments, and that might bring a few people here. Occasionally I use a technorati tag. Every now and then I write about a topic or person in the news. And sometimes I write about or post pictures of the dogs and invite readers from the Bernese e-mail lists to come and see. Each of these things might get me a little bump in visits, but I generally revert to my average fairly soon.

Last week I wrote about a person in the news. Her story caught my interest, and I felt concern about how the world might view her. Since then, I have not been avidly reading up on her, nor have I been keeping track of cable news, so it has been a surprise to note that my readership is up, up, up, because of searches for her name.

That’s the last way I wanted to attract more readers.

My words were likely a disappointment to Googlers hoping for details, clues and other crime talk. They’ll have to search further.

Meanwhile, regular readers may have noticed I’ve added sidebar links to Small Church’s home page (a free one-page website made available by the UCC to churches in the Still Speaking program) and our blog. A childhood friend (Hi!) recently found the blog by Googling “Songbird’s real name,” thus giving the lie to my success at quasi-pseudonymity. And as #2 Son points out, anyone who sees my Avatar will know it’s me, even though I am not purple in real life…

12 thoughts on “Publicity”

  1. I was just thinking about this same thing, with the upcoming Ordinary Time book. There are people I want to share that book with, but can’t for various reasons.
    You’re not really purple?
    PS-I’ve been reading your church blog since the first time you gave a link. I love it!

  2. cheesehead, I’m on a mission to make more of that blog. I don’t think my folks even think of reading it most of the time, so I’ve gotten lazy about posting things to it.
    I want to share the book, too, so that’s affecting my thinking as well. I do think I’m likely to keep calling myself “Songbird” online, however, because I enjoy it.

  3. Funny how we want to remain annonymous and yet we want to be seen…I think our blogs reveal a side of us others may not see at first.
    Thank you for your well thought out and so often wise words…I hope the googlers had something to think about!

  4. Hi,
    I am a longtime lurker, just dropping in to say “Hello!”
    It always makes me smile when I meet someone who shares my daughter’s name! 😉

  5. Well, hey there, Miss Muffet! Thank you for commenting.
    My daughter has a real life name that we often hear being used for dogs, and our girl dog has *the* most common female human name used for dogs. Both transpositions make me smile!
    Mindy, I wonder is it really down? I think these things go in cycles.

  6. Sally, it’s interesting what sort of “self” we reveal on a blog. We can re-invent, or just peel away what we don’t like, or what we don’g think is really us. I love re-designing the look of my page (in fact, I feel a change coming on–should we keep the large print?) and adding things to the sidebar, in part because I love knowing how to do it!

  7. Yes, please keep the large print!
    I know what you mean about the annonymity/publicity problem. At a women’s retreat I was helping lead last weekend, I hemmed and hawed and finally deciced to wear my word cloud shirt with my blog URL on it and NOT A SINGLE WOMAN (out of 70) ASKED ME ABOUT IT. (shakes head in disgust)
    And I’ll be passing the book around when it comes – LIKE ANYONE WILL CARE. (puts hand to forehead and sinks melodramitcally onto her fainting couch)

  8. What a weird, weird world – I’ve spent the morning setting up a blog for my church and one for my sermons and I’ve been debating the “link” relationship I want to establish. See, no one in my town (save one friend and hubby) know about my blog – they suspect, I’ve never confirmed. Isn’t annonymity the oddest of things for pastors to contemplate!!

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