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Guest Blogger: #2 Son

From #2 Son:

First and foremost, I am a teenager. I have always been reluctant to get caught up in the latest fads and the like, but one piece of popular culture I have indulged myself in is Oh, the wonder, the majesty.

Myspace has one function similar to forwarding mass e-mails. One may post a bulletin, which is then readable by all of their friends. They may then repost the bulletin, and sometimes add their name to the bottom of a long list of people who, for whatever reason, have too much time on their hands. Some bulletins are also surveys, and upon reposting one may change the topic name to reflect their scores, etc. Though a few of the bulletins I read have to do with upcoming shows and the like, the majority flooding my inbox read “i am _64_ % preppy”, “I’m playful and friendly with guys, so i must be a tease.” or something just as repulsive and full or erroneous spellings.

I have always considered these as a form of peer pressure, and I never repost them unless I come across something exceedingly hilarious. (Mind you, these are few and far between.) If I don’t want to repost a bulletin, I shouldn’t have to, despite the threats to be “unfriended” or “an incompassionate person.” And yes, I know that’s misspelled.

So today, as I was perusing my inbox for something worth-while to read, and looking for the door charge for that band I want to go see, I saw a topic name that was most disturbing. “My Jesus,” it read. My curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to throw my dignity in the closet for a few moments and opened the darn thing.

When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you! If you are one of the 4% who will stand up for him repost this w/the title: My Jesus…… i bet 96% OF YOU WON’T POST THIS

The person who reposted this bulletin is a “friend” of mine from school; a person who I’ve noted will talk a lot about things she doesn’t really live up to, just for the sake of it. (For instance, very loudly in the middle of class: Ms. Carter? Is there any extra credit work?) So, in short, this disgusted me. It had put me in a bit of a bind. If I gave in to the bulletin, I was a faithful follower of Christ, and if not, I was a heartless Satanist. The problem is that I, for the record, am not a Satanist, but I also respected myself too much to repost this.

After reading the bulletin a certain passage popped in to my head, and I couldn’t shake it. I can thank years of listening to my mother preach and multiple viewings of Godspell, I suppose. Regardless, I knew I had to get this person back. I couldn’t let them get away with reposting something so stupid. I came up with this response, which was quickly sent back to them.

Luke 14:11
“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Don’t flaunt your faith. I’m surprised. I didn’t take you for a Pharisee.

Really, all I have to say to that is CHRIST-OWNED.

I repeat. I am a teenager.

11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: #2 Son”

  1. I have received many e-mails of that nature: “forward this to everyone you know, unless you’re ASHAMED of Jesus!!” Aargh!!!

  2. Son #2 is a smart cookie, even if he is a teenager. Wait. That didn’t sound nice.
    Son #2 is a very smart teenager.
    There. That’s better.

  3. #2 Son: Excellent use of your own brain and not being pushed and pulled by the crowd. I wish I could say that in adulthood such frivolousness stops, but my inbox can attest that it does not.
    This made me laugh out loud:
    “I can thank years of listening to my mother preach and multiple viewings of Godspell, I suppose.”

  4. The test of a ship does not come from polishing brass or artistically applying whitewash while at anchor in a calm harbor, but rather when angry winds turn the sea white and make mountains of waves. It is those who keep to their course in such straits that are to be applauded.

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