A Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as my friend Mr. Rogers used to say. Yes, for those of you whose children are all about the Dragon Tales, there was a time before they came into being, and it was the day of Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow. We needed no other. Maria and Luis’ romance was our soap opera. The changing styles of Lady Aberlin were our Laura Ashley-based version of What Not to Wear. (Betty Aberlin, by the way, totally rocks.)And Levar was a heartthrob for mothers everywhere. Perhaps this last has not changed?

At any rate, it’s a beautiful day. Much as I dislike losing an hour of sleep before preaching, I did appreciate a sunrise at 6:21 a.m., and I very much enjoyed a 7:09 p.m. sunset, even if it made the dogs think they were entitled to another walk.

They weren’t, really, because we had a lovely afternoon romp at Posh Neighboring Town Nature Preserve. This time I took along #2 Son and The Princess, and we all set out on the Red Trail, a new one for me. Pure Luck had mentioned that the Orange Trail was the easiest, and it’s the familiar one for me, too, but the kids wanted to try the Red and off we went.

It is true that it is more taxing than the Orange Trail. I, who hope to do some hiking with my husband this summer, have some serious work to do. Last night I lasted 45 minutes on the elliptical. (It always helps to be watching an Episode of 24–By the way, “Jack Bauer’s calender goes from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Jack Bauer.” Does that mean my workout didn’t count at all?) By the time I fought my way out of prison–I mean, by the time I finished, I felt pretty much like I had broken myself. Also, very sweaty, which is not in the least ladylike, but perhaps is a good preparation for the hiking.

Meanwhile, back on the Red Trail, we had fun, even though the relatively minor hills had me breathing harder than I would have liked. I also realized that sometimes shoes that work well for walking around the neighborhood on sidewalks do not work so well on uneven terrain. The Princess, who has the self-same shoes in a different color and–ack!–larger size (purchased at the LLBean Factory Store, a favorite shopping destination of ours), agreed. As #2 Son leapt nimbly ahead with the dogs, we tried not to lose our shoes in April Mud nor to lose our ankles in slipping shoes.

It was good to be outside because, as I mentioned above, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Just before we left for the walk, I couldn’t find either of the kids in the house, then discovered they were playing Frisbee together out in front. This is a milestone. #2 Son asked his sister to do something with him, nicely, and she agreed to do so. I was almost afraid to look too long and ruin the moment by having them see me! Of course by playing Frisbee, I mean he threw it and she looked at it as it went sailing by. But, hey! It’s a beginning!!

Yes, a beautiful day.

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  1. Thanks for this sweet post, and especially for the hot tip on “lady” aberlin. Who knew she was a real person? And I was so impressed to read in her bio that she was on the show for 33 years (!!)

  2. Do I remember? sigh…
    And that wedding dress, with the asymetrical sleeves, which I thought was very daring for Children’s Television Network. (Especially since Maria looked extremely pregnant in it.)

  3. I’m one of those square parents whose child only watches Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. I know nothing about Dragon Tales, we’ve never Explored with Dora, we aren’t Friends with Barney, and haven’t a Clue about Blue. (And Bah! on Boobah.)
    I do worry that our kids will lack that basic cultural vocabulary. But I guess if my kids are going to have to put up with being away from me in daycare a few days a week, the least I can do is not have the TV on during the times we have together.
    Umm, this is not what your post was about! Errr… good for you for getting out in this beautiful weather! 🙂

  4. I loved those shows. My grandmother was a 2nd grade teacher and she was a female Mr. Rogers, her voice sounded the same, and a similar gentle manner. After she died, I would watch him just to remember. I was so sad when he passsed away. I can remember that Tim Robbins once did a tribute to him on the Emmy’s and Mr. Rogers got a standing ovation- the only one of the evening and he cried. He was such a wonderful man if you read his bio.
    Did you ever see Storytime? Books read by celebrities, on in the early 90’s? We loved that show. That and Reading Rainbow is how I made my library lists.

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