And One Last Scene, From Sunday

(Songbird is baptizing a charming, six-month-old boy.)

Songbird: By what name shall this child be called?

(After hearing it, Songbird must remove his rather smashing grey cap.)

Baby: (What?!? You don’t like it? What’s in that bowl?!?!!)

Songbird:…in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, one God, Mother of us all.

Baby: (Wow. Just. Wow.)

Songbird: Let us pray for the newly baptized.

Baby: (What’s on your paper? Can I have that?)

Songbird:…Bless this dear child…

Baby: (What’s that thing? Is it making your talking loud? I like it!)

Songbird:…give to him: strength for life’s journey, courage in time of suffering, the joy of faith…

Baby: (Also, this purple thing you’re wearing? I’ll take some of that, too.)

Songbird: Amen. Sisters and brothers in Christ, I present to you a new little brother in the family of faith! Let us sing together to welcome him and to remember Jesus’ love for each of us.

Congregation: “Jesus love me, this I know…”

Baby: (Let me wind my fingers in your long, curly hair, Talking Lady Who Put Water on My Head. Let me wind them deep and tight. Hey, who are all these people?)

Songbird: (whispers) Let me give you back to your mother, dear little brother in Christ.

17 thoughts on “And One Last Scene, From Sunday”

  1. I’m grinning all over my face from ALL these scenes, most esp “would you be a dear and…” I think I’m going to teach that to Eli next. Much better than “Mawwwwmmmmmeeeee”

  2. When my Eldest was baptised he behaved beautifully … until the very end. “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,” said Pastor. “Urp,” said Eldest, and vomited down the nice man’s front.
    Eldest loves to hear that story.

  3. Sweet! I love baby baptisms! Heck! I love ALL baptisms.
    I find it difficult to keep being the serious baptizing preacher when I get distracted by baby cuteness.

  4. What a beautiful story
    Baptisms are still done by the “real/proper” minister here. This means I am yet to do one but can’t wait for one. Even more after reading your blog

  5. RevEm, surely you are not an articial and improper minister? 😉
    Now that I feel I know what I’m doing at a baptism, I really love them. By which I don’t mean that I really understand it, because it has its mysterious element, but that I know what’s expected of me. In my congregation, they love admiring the babies, too, so the standard for gravitas is pretty low, thankfully.

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