Planet Songbird

On my way to buy canned food at Planet Dog, I drove past Planet Fitness, and I began to muse:

What could you expect to find at Planet Songbird?

1) Yarn, very nice yarn, and all the things that go with it.

2) CDs, especially Original Broadway Cast Recordings, but the overall collection would be eclectic, everybody from Billy Joel to Carole King to Kanye West to The Beatles to Bach to The Decemberists.

3) DVDs, everything from musicals and old movies to “The Princess Bride” and “24” and “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

4) Books, especially fiction with a fantastical or theological orientation. You would be sure to find such titles as Gilead and Wicked and Father Melancholy’s Daughter and The Mists of Avalon and The Lord of the Rings. Children’s books would also be there, particularly those by Beatrix Potter and C.S. Lewis and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I expect you would find a Bible, too. Oh, and Jane Austen. How could I forget Jane Austen? And Lord Peter Wimsey?

5) Really excellent coffee and muffins. (Chocolate chip cookies, too.)

6) A sunny place to sit and talk and enjoy the coffee and the muffins.

7) Free WiFi.

8) Big dogs. (Cats would be welcome, too, but they probably wouldn’t want to leave the comforts of home.)

9) Vitamin Water

10) Life’s necessities, at the insistence of my husband: duct tape, tie wraps and quite possibly Girl Scout Cookies.

11) Lots of windows, hardwood floors, attractive area rugs.

12) Music playing, again eclectic.

13) Did I mention yarn?

What would we find at your Planet?

19 thoughts on “Planet Songbird”

  1. sporting goods
    big comfy couches that you sink into yet somehow they still have the ability to hold your drink straight when you set it down,
    ice cold beer on tap but none of the idiots that usually hang out at places that have ice cold beer on tap,
    ‘nannies on demand’ so I could show off my cute child, but when his face (or butt) needed to be wiped I could call them in,
    pre-written, brilliant, uncopyrighted sermons and the bulletin liturgy that goes with them with just the right mix of traditional and contemporary,
    live eclectic music but at just the right volume to enjoy and yet you can still carry on a conversation
    (I think I mixed up the ideas of a store that represents me and my dream store but I am too tired to adjust)

  2. Planet cheesehead:
    *Really good coffee. Muffins are okay, but I only really eat the tops. Scones are even better.
    * All my friends will be there, even the ones I left behind when I moved back to Snow Belt.
    * Wine. The good stuff.
    * Ibuprofen, in case I over indulge on the wine.
    * Magic sleeping pills that will allow me to nap/sleep when I want to, wake refreshed, but not with ‘medicine head’. Don’t worry, I won’t mix them with the wine.
    *All the books on my “to finish” pile, plus endless time to finish them.
    * The final season of “Six Feet Under”
    * The new season (without commercial interruptions) of Nip/Tuck.
    *A really comfy leather couch big enough for all my friends to sit on.
    * Fruit2O, any flavor.
    *Chinese Chicken Salad from a certain trendy little restaurant I used to hang out at in NoCal.
    * Free Hot Stone massage on demand.
    * Free mani/pedi, also on demand.
    How’s that for starters?

  3. Planet Ref has way too much stuff to catalog this early in the morning, but among other things, you’d find dust bunnies. Lots and lots of really big dust bunnies.

  4. Planet Princess, which has more the sound of a salon than a store:
    1) Artwork on the walls
    2) A place for drawing
    3) A stage for musical performances
    4) A piano, definitely
    5) Ice Cream
    6) A pretty chandelier on the ceiling
    7) Nice furniture: sofas, chairs

  5. I’d just come to your planet and eat GS cookies and watch Homocide- greatest po-leece drama ever.
    Did you hear Andrae Braugher on Fresh Air this week?

  6. Lisa, I used to participate in the H:LotS Usenet group, and we have a Yahoo group to this day. Someone there told us he was on, but unfortunately I missed it. I’m going to look for it online. It was a Fresh Air interview with Andre Braugher during the third season that got me watching in the first place.
    I have a friend who played a small part on the show, so I’m only a few degrees removed from Braugher and Clark Johnson, who were her scene partners. She was the mother of the little girl who fired the gun into the air in “Law and Disorder.”

  7. Clark Johnson ? Isn’t that Meldrick? Bert’s favorite character.
    Because of this show we have taught all our children that if they are ever brought in for questioning by the police, the very first thing they say is “I want a lawyer.” Even the three year old can repeat that.

  8. Heehee! “I want a lawyer” indeed.
    Yes, that’s Meldrick. He is one cute man. Did you ever see the PBS special about the making of the Subway episode? He speaks very differently in real life; he’s gone on to do a lot of directing.

  9. I have seen that PBS special 5 times. I took a film class one semester on cops on film- 3 weeks was devoted to Homocide. I did a twenty page paper compare/contrast Homocide with NYPD Blue. Vincent D’Nafrio’s best role ever. It was brilliant.
    Didn’t he- Meldrick- direct The Wire on HBO ?

  10. Yes, and episodes of “The Shield” and the movie version of “S.W.A.T.” which I never did see. And he has a pretty big movie coming out in April, “The Sentinel,” with Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland, about a Secret Service Agent gone bad. So he’s working!

  11. Definitely! The big dogs *love* the little dogs very much. All dogs would be welcome. It’s just that big dogs would be fixtures in the store.

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