I Have a Fever

When #1 Son was a toddler, he went through a spate of vomiting in his crib — yuck! — which made his parents *very* responsive to the least little noises he made. One evening we heard some rustling around and went upstairs to find him standing in the crib with his arm draped over the side and his head leaning on the headboard.

“What is it?” we inquired.

“I have a fever,” he said.

Of course we immediately took him out of the crib and determined that he did not, in fact, have any such thing. Apparently he had realized that fevers got attention and quick action and trips to the sofa at all hours of the night for coddling and monitoring. On that particular evening, his trip was right back into the crib.

That has remained a favorite story, an illustration of the cleverness of the boy at getting what he wanted from his parents, or at least of his valiant efforts to try.

Tonight, I have a fever. It’s a low-grade fever that has been with me since Saturday evening, along with swollen glands, fatigue and an increasingly weakened voice and mildly sore throat. I’ve managed to work part of the day each day this week, but I must admit I was pretty delighted when someone suggested we cancel Bible Study tonight, since I wasn’t feeling well. I came home and tucked up on the couch.

Did I mention I’m also feeling achy? (And I must be sick, because I had to think about how to spell that.)

Our nursery school director tells me that one of the children has been diagnosed with mono, and that the parents were told the germs can just be in the air. Is that true? It doesn’t sound right.

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but

I have a fever.

12 thoughts on “I Have a Fever”

  1. Oh sweetheart…just what you DONT need….hugs and prayers that you feel better very quickly. Meanwhile, rest as much as you possibly can, let the offspring do a bit of mothering for a change…and be as kind to yourself as humanly possible.
    Wish you were within casserole and comfort range xx

  2. The good news is: it’s the flu!! Maybe it sounds weird to be happy about that, but I’m totally relieved not to be on the Mono-rail. I’m reworking worship for Sunday to include a lot of lay participation, although I know I’ll be tired by it anyway. But at least I can share some of the talking.

  3. So sorry you have the flu but glad you are happy about it. (now that is a really odd sentence). Take care of yourself!

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