On the Vernal Equinox

Snow is cold, rain is wet,
chills my soul right to the marrow…

This is really the only time of year I miss living in Virginia.

It’s 33 degrees Farenheit here this afternoon, a good ten or more degrees below the average temperature for this date. Also, the wind is blowing. It’s very cold!!! Bernese Mountain Dogs like it. Native Southerners with dysfunctional eustachian tubes? Not so much.

But I hear that what we are experiencing today is nothing compared to the weather where Pure Luck is. He went to the store over the weekend to buy Carhartt’s Coveralls, a sort of grown-up snowsuit. The wind is fierce coming off the Nearby Great Lake. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.


Today I’d like to see him, even in the snowsuit.

9 thoughts on “On the Vernal Equinox”

  1. Your quote had me in instantly. Carole King is one of my favorites.
    It’s “great coffee on a cool morning” music.

  2. Very cold here too. But the sun is shining, that gives me hope that spring will arrive – eventually.
    Loved the adult snowsuit 🙂 made me think of rolling in the snow for some inexpicable reason. (grin)
    Biting wind and sore ears are no fun. I wear a hat and I don’t care how un-cool it is. I hate cold ears hands and feet. With a vengeance.
    Be blessed. it’s lonely right now for you both – but he will come home – and it will be wonderful.

  3. I am ready for winter, being in Australia we are coming out of summer, and it seems to have gone on for ever.
    Today is the first day I have worn a jumper, Yay the leaves are turning the mornings are cooler Autumn is here

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