RevGal Friday Five: Spring Break

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For today’s Friday Five, tell us about five ways you have spent a spring vacation or holiday, pleasantly or un-. And as a bonus question, describe your dream spring vacation.

1. I must admit that I never did anything for Spring Break in college except go home and sleep as much as possible.


2. When I was 11, my dad took us to Charlottesville during my Spring Vacation, where he was lecturing at the University of Virginia. I loved staying in “Hotel D,” a residence on the East Range (it’s not used that way anymore). Even though the weather that week was rainy and gloomy, I was thrilled to be in the place my dad had spent his law school years, because Charlottesville sounded like Mecca when he talked about it.

3. After moving to New England, I came to appreciate spring in a way I never had before. I remember the delight of driving south to visit my parents in April of 1989, although it was a tense time in our lives, because the sun and the breeze felt *so* good.

4. In May, after exams, many students from the College of Knowledge in Virginia would adjourn to Nags Head for Beach Week. I remember wonderful times there being knocked over by the surf and picking crabs on the deck with my sorority sisters.

5. Five years ago, I took a trip to DC and Maryland with Pure Luck over Easter weekend. It was weird to leave my family, but he was getting together with some friends (for a gaming weekend) and wanted to take me along. Oh, the thrill of daffodils!! The joy of wearing only a sweater over my dress and then taking it off!! Crab cakes!!! Red velvet cake enjoyed with a friend known through a Usenet group, sort of a pre-Blogger meetup!!! Okay, we had a spat on the way home, in that seemingly endless drive north, but in the end we made up, and the whole things was great.

Bonus question:
I would head straight to Historic Billsburg. It is incredibly lush in the spring. I would love to walk through the gardens, visit the Maze at the Governor’s Palace, sit outside Chowning’s and wander through the campus of the College of Knowledge. I would like to eat a Cheese Shop Sandwich with House Dressing while sitting on a bench in Merchant’s Square. Yummy.


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  1. I’ve spent a lot of spring breaks just sleeping and recovering.
    As an undergrad, I often went home to Rural Hometown, which is beautiful in the spring with the snow still covering the mountains. Crisp, clean air. Cold nights, sunny days. Mom’s cooking. Bliss.

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