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Hearing Aids for the Middle-Aged

NanoI am washing the dishes while wearing my iPod Nano. The music on both the Nano and my iTunes is a mish-mash of old favorites I’ve purchased from the Apple Music Store, my favorite show music CDs and the more contemporary fare loaded on by my sons.

As I put away clean dishes, the graceful strains of Yo-Yo Ma playing the Appalachia Waltz are superseded by something that starts loud and gets louder. It’s Rockapella, singing Eye of the Tiger, and oh.my.gosh. I can’t remember how to turn the volume down!!

I whip the little leather case open and start rubbing my thumb over the little dial. It gets louder!! I say to #1 Son, “How do I turn this down?!?!!”

“Mom,” he says, “I can hear you. You don’t have to shout. You’re being ridiculous.”

I take out the ear buds. He shows me how to turn down the volume. (You rub your thumb *around* the dial, not up or down.)

Why does this feel like a preview of coming attractions?

15 thoughts on “Hearing Aids for the Middle-Aged”

  1. I’m giggling a little of the thought of you being blasted by “Eye of the Tiger” while doing dishes.
    Where’s the Sufjian Stevens, though? I’m still patting myself on the back for having the same thought as your sons on the appropriateness of Sufjian Stevens for you.

  2. Is it still as funny to hear them say “ridiculous” when they are 20 as it is now when they are 3? ‘Cause right now, that’s about my most fave word.

  3. Phantom, Sufjian Stevens hasn’t made it onto my iTunes yet, and #2 Son says it’s his fault. He promised, but did not deliver.
    Juniper, it is exceedingly funny, although the aggrieved #2 Son wonders why #1 can get away with saying such things and he cannot.
    Anyway, I think Rockapella is coming off the Nano. Too dangerous.

  4. Haven’t heard Eye of the Tiger for years and now I’m humming along…
    As for a preview of coming attractions..oh yes many more to come, my babies (twins) were 17 yesterday
    College next year and I’ll be an empty nester…so who will sort out the DVD or help me load new stuff onto my computer???
    Keep singing along…must get an i-pod!

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