Things to Do

Extended family coming over this afternoon to celebrate #1 Son’s birthday, and there is much to do:

Clean bathrooms

Sweep kitchen floor

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, empty dishwasher, etc.

Tidy up kitchen, including piles on kitchen table

(Or, put everything in a bag or box and hide until tomorrow)

Hide evidence that we have just been dealing with head lice

Wrap excellent presents using I don’t know what for wrapping paper

Ten minute nap (really, no more than fifteen, I swear)

Try to figure out what broke my cell phone

(Or wait and worry about it tomorrow)

Send boys to grocery store for paper napkins and plates

Order pizza to meet the various dietary needs of 7 adults, 3 teenagers and 4 tweens, some of whom object to tomato sauce and others of whom are vegetarian.

And, last but not least, call Pure Luck every half hour or so for an update on his driving progress. The man is ON HIS WAY HOME!!!!

10 thoughts on “Things to Do”

  1. dizzy with busy-ness and excitement for you.
    pizza with no tomatoes 🙁 my, my, my
    happy birthday to #1 good celebration together

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