Just Heartsick

StorytomfoxapTom Fox

His life and death raise questions about politics, faith, personal responsibility and the future of the world for our children. But for now, a prayer.

God, forgive us. We are all involved, whether through misguided enthusiasm or apathetic sideline-sitting or helpless hand-wringing or racial hatred. Forgive us, God, but provoke us, too, to think more deeply, to listen more eagerly, to act more confidently and to change the world for the better. We are weak, of heart and mind and body, but in you we may be strong. Guide us to use that strength to make this world your world, truly, a world in which all your creatures are valued equally, a world in which feeding the hungry means more than mergers and acquisitions, more than conquest and subjugation, a world in which care for others becomes the new victory. Amen.

15 thoughts on “Just Heartsick”

  1. A friend of his is a member of our church–I am thinking of her today–and of his family. And I am in awe of his perseverance in the faith, sick that it came to this. When will this end?

  2. Mr. Fox had courage that I can’t imagine. I pray for comfort for his family and friends. Thank you for the beautiful words.

  3. The Washington Post reported this morning that he had been tortured. This is such a Lenten thing. So sick over it.

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