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On This Day in History

It will be remembered that on this day in history:

One dog went to the groomer and looks perfectly beautiful.

The other dog threw up three times, including the contents of the bag of trash the dogs got into last night. He doesn’t look so good.

One child brought home a report of good grades. He is sleeping the sleep of the innocent as I type this.

The other child brought home head lice. She won’t be able to go to school tomorrow, which means one parent will not be going out-of-town to a two day training that she cannot afford to miss but certainly cannot attend now.

One parent cleaned up the barf and combed out the lice. It was particularly special the third time the dog threw up, because it was on the old futon sofa, which will be travelling to the dump as soon as one parent can get someone to hoist it into the back of her station wagon.

The other parent thankfully answered his phone and went to the drugstore for the chemical shampoo that some people on the Internets swear by and others condemn.

One parent asked the other parent to also buy a pair of scissors, for one parent discovered she had the lice, too.

In a distant state, I feel sure, the step-parent had a moment of dis-ease he could not identify as his wife contemplated cutting her long, fluffy hair.

So far, the hair is uncut. But the combing is excruciating and also imprecise.

Do you suppose there are any professional nitpickers in the Greater City By the Sea area?

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  1. Well, I logged in here with the intention of commenting in some witty, pithy way BUT nothing is coming but “Oh SONGBIRD I”m so SORRY.”
    And, I hope that you dont have to cut your hair if you dont want to. And that you like what it looks like if you have to.

  2. Don’t cut it….unless you really do want to. Condition (if you have a health food type store ask if they do geranium and eucylptus shampoo/conditioner which really does work) for all you’re worth, comb madly, and all shall be well. Those wretched creatures are endemic in most junior schools here, and LoudBoy hosted them so regularly that we barely (oh dear…bad pun on its way) turn a hair now. And for some reason they love me as well, but neglect the other members of the family. But if you just keep washing and conditioning and combing every day for a couple of weeks, it is possible to vanquish them. Truly.
    Dog sick, on the other hand, reduces me to a similar state in less than no time. Please God, let the puking dog have done its worst now.Meanwhile, big hugs and much sympathy. xxx

  3. I hope “honey” called.
    I’m sorry you have to cope with these things while Honey is away.
    Rats and double rats!
    The lice thing makes my head itch and I’m a few miles away from you!
    Isn’t it gross that we moderns deal with headlice?
    Thinking of you!

  4. Thank you, friends! My own case is minimal compared to that of The Princess. It’s more the sick dog worrying me this morning, as he is not eating or drinking and threw up bile in the hours before dawn. We are poised to leap into the car as soon as the vet opens at 8. We’re on load of laundry #5, I think, going slowly since pillows and comforters and anything with feathers take a long time to dry.

  5. Oh, also–we did talk! He has no access to e-mail while at work, but we were able to get on the phone as he left the plant at 5:30 a.m.

  6. I second all that Kathryn said.
    Head lice are very common in schools – here more so in kindergarten than school.
    I recommend conditioner and combing again and again. And here we use the special shampoo too. (be careful of your eyes) It doesn’t help in school unless everyone (even non infected) take it seriously and comb and treat their hair too, but I’ve never heard of anyone having to stay away from school (or a conference!) because of them.
    We washed all combs etc in the dishwasher and threw out old brushes too.
    In finland people put bed clothes, pillows, and wolly hats out into the snow in sub zero temperatures. For some reason the lice don’t like that much and the eggs don’t survive well either (grin)
    Hope Sam is better already.
    Poor you – what a day! and there I was having the audacity to feel sorry for myself 🙁

  7. I’m staying home from the conference because the other parent is not up to the task of the combing for the next two days. And here the school nurse will check your head and can send you home, so I have to be prepared that she would not be allowed at school. Also, we were up until after midnight combing, so she is pooped! (Me, too.)
    I love the idea of putting the bedding outside. For us it’s a hot trip through the dryer for the items I won’t wash.

  8. 18-24 hours in sub-freezing temperatures will do more good than a tumble in the dryer for getting rid of the lice. Odd thing about lice, as soon as we had a child at work who had it (which we promptly treated and combed etc) half the staff would be walking around scratching their heads. Purely psychsomatic for them.
    Remember to follow the instruction on the special shampoo/conditioner. It is, after all, insecticide. I once knew people who didn’t and just kept rewashing the hair with it until they ran out — they wanted to avoid the nit-picking but of course they couldn’t.
    On the other hand, lice are much more of a nuisance than a health hazard. Hope all is well — the nit-combing is a terible job, but cleaning up puke (human or canine) is worse.

  9. It really is true that as soon as we hear the word “lice” we begin feeling itchy!
    Sam update: The vet thinks he is probably okay, but since it is Friday and the weekend lies ahead, they are going to keep him for an x-ray, just to be on the safe side. The fact that he ate, drank and, especially, pooped yesterday after eating the garbage the night before suggests that he didn’t block himself up but just made himself sick. Let’s hope!
    Off to do more combing…

  10. Oh my gosh… THIS SUCKS!!!
    Thank you for the Sam update… and since you have to be home from the conference for goodness sakes get some good coffee, fun movies, your laptop, and a comfy couch (not said futon).

  11. We have:
    1) coffee from beans freshly ground this morning in the grinder St. Casserole sent home with me
    2) Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane in “Have His Carcase,” freshly arrived from Netflix (first Wimsey for The Princess–will she always remember her first time?)
    3) non-vomitrocious couch in the living room
    4) definitely the laptop will join us as well
    5) and don’t forget the knitting–
    wait! is it safe to knit under the circumstances?

  12. Oh dear, been there, done that. WG’s elementary school in CA recruited “Head Check” moms every year at the start of school, because it was so prevelant. The kids got their heads checked about once a week for the first couple of months of school.
    The thing is, it was kind of the great equalizer–the kids who arrived at school in Jags and Bentleys got it as frequently as the kids who lived in the “seminary ghetto”, which was the poor part of town. (Where we lived.)

  13. My lord Miss Agnes!
    Like Lorna, I was feeling depressed yesterday; clearly, I just don’t have enough GOING ON in my life. (ha ha?)
    Brandon only had it twice, however that was plenty. Thankfully, none of the rest of us got it. I bought some non chemical stuff off the internet, but he had to sleep with that and a shower cap on, and he kept jerking it off in his sleep. RID did the deed in the end…and much combing.
    Poor Princess. Poor Sam. Poor you!
    Glad things are looking up….

  14. Update #2:
    There may be something in Sam’s stomach that is blocking access to the pylorus. He has been given a capsule of something that will show up well on x-ray and they will take some more pictures mid-afternoon, to see if the capsule has passed that point.
    Meanwhile, they also serve who only sit and comb.

  15. I hope all of Sam’s problems will pass, so to speak. We had some excitement last year when Prissy had a blockage (she loves to eat socks), and of course it had to happen on a weekend. Everything came out all right in the end. Sorry, but the puns are almost unavoidable in this situation.

  16. So far, so good:
    They x-rayed Sam again a little while ago, and the BIPS (Barium-impregnated polyethylene spheres are capsules containing radiopaque plastic spheres. They are being used for the diagnosis of GI obstruction and motility disorders in dogs and cats.)had passed from his stomach to his intestines. We are going to pick him up, give him small bland meals tonight and watch for vomiting. If he still gets sick, they will x-ray again in the morning.

  17. Hoping all is calmer – and the mom and daughter day at home has been good – between combing. (Do you comb each other’s hair – could be fun – and remember loads of conditioner – and pamper each other a little too.

  18. Oh, man, Songbird! What a day!
    Still, congrats on getting to show the Princess her first Wimsey. Have His Carcase is a good one. You’ll do Strong Poison next, right?

  19. I’m not sure how we ended up with Have His Carcase instead of Strong Poison, but she is enjoying it! We’ll definitely have to backtrack.
    Sam is happy to be home, and we are happy to have him.

  20. Yeah… and phew! for now. Gotta admit I am in the dark about the whole Wimsey thing, but don’t waste your in-between-combing time on that.
    Sam will be most grateful to see you.

  21. Holy linolium, Songbird! Lice AND dog vomit? If it were only a Wednesday, you would have swept every category.
    I’m so glad that Sam seems to be OK. Poor silly pup.
    I don’t suppose it will be a comfort to you to know that I plan to use you as the voice of Wisdom and Experience the first time my curly-haired mop-top of a son brings lice home. It’s got to happen — it’s all over the schools here. Sigh.

  22. Backtracking is fine; in fact, I think I might have seen them in that order, too…hope things keep improving on the homefront.

  23. Oh Songbird! What a horrible couple of days you’ve had. I’m glad that Sam is feeling a bit better, but so very sorry for the Princess and for you for having to deal with lice and vomit.
    sending hugs…

  24. Just the word L-I-C-E makes my head itch….when the kid was in kindergarten we had the world’s worst never-ending infestation of lice. Horrible. It was so bad that when the kids got to school they had to put all their coats etc (and it was winter in VT) in plastic garbage bags and seal them up till time to go home. First thing when we came in the house coat, hat, snowpants, etc. all went in the dryer for a long hot cycle. All the stuffed animals in the house went in the garage for several weeks of sub-freezing temps.
    LD#1 was in her first year of college, and over Thanksgiving managed to get lice and take them back to her dorm. Her roomate’s mother totally FREAKED. Not pleasant.
    After having to use chemical shampoo twice, I went to the aromatherapy shop and bought an oil that we rubbed in our head before bed and washed out in the morning. Supposedly it not only killed bugs and nits, but also repelled adult lice who might want to take up residence.
    Oh geez, my head is itching as I sit here typing…
    Good luck!

  25. We’ve somehow been lucky enough not to have to face this, though, like in most places, it shows up from time to time in all the schools. I surely hope all the vomiting is behind you as well and that Sam is feeing better this morning. Hang in there!

  26. I remember hearing once that olive oil works as well. Something about making it hard for the adult lice to hold on to the hair.
    And lice actually prefer well-washed hair (despite the persistent rumour that lice are a sign of poor hygiene) so the oil thing makes sense I guess…

  27. Gord, I’ve been thinking about the sub-zero thing ever since you posted. Wouldn’t you know it’s now sunny and in the 40’s here?!?

  28. Well, this is a whopper of a week. You will probably win Wednesday Whining hands down!
    I hope the doggy feels better and that the bugs all shrivel up and die.

  29. Oh Songbird! When I read the title of this post I really expected a recap of a day in your past. Not that it would have sucked less, but at least it would be distant memory.
    One of my cats had a similar episode several years ago and required a barium treatment. No obstruction or other cause was ever found. We figured it was an allergic reaction to some new cat food we’d started using. Once we returned to the (more expensive) previous brand, all was well.
    Hang in there!

  30. (Hopefully Final) Sam Update:
    Sam likes the Science Diet ID food he has to eat temporarily. So does Molly, so she was quite cross that it wasn’t on her menu as well. Imagine a dog flouncing away and you will get the picture.
    Sam seems fine today. He’ll stay on the special food until Monday just to give his tummy a rest.
    Thank you all for the show of concern!
    The Princess and I continue to spend a great deal of time combing out. I won’t really feel better until my sister-in-law gets a look at my head tomorrow, but as far as I can tell, I got off very lightly.

  31. Phew…
    Have been gently itching on your behalves..glad that the worst may not be behind you.
    What a week, eh?
    Hugs xx

  32. Glad to hear about Sam 🙂
    And the lice and nits will soon be a horrible but distant memory.
    Be blessed

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