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During the Oscars

We are watching the Oscars and Salma Hayek is reading the nominees for Best Score.

Songbird: That sort of asymmetrical neckline–

#2 Son: Be quiet. She’s beautiful.

Songbird: Okay then.

#2 Son: It’s so sad that you women have to think about things like that all the time.

18 thoughts on “During the Oscars”

  1. Oh my goodness. How old you folks are making me feel. I just glossed over the clevage and focused on the fact that one of the winners was a song titled something like “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” And one of the recipients expressed his thanks to Jesus.

  2. Blog idea for next year’s Oscars — streaming commentary regarding bosoms, dresses, theology, pimps, whatever.

  3. laughing. missed it all I’m afraid but I think the comments over at songbird’s home and here … more than compensate.

  4. LH commented on how weird SH’s chest looked in that dress.
    Whoa! that George Clooney was EVERYWHERE last night!
    I thought Reece’s dress was lovely and her speech gracious.

  5. If I tell you The Princess agrees, St. Casserole, will you promise not to tell her dad she was still awake to see Reese win Best Actress?
    We thought she looked like a real movie star.
    Jan, I was following Lisa V’s live blogging last night. Fun!
    Also, there can never be too much George Clooney.

  6. Oh, were the Oscars on last night? 🙂
    I can’t remember how long it has been since I had watched any of the nominated movies before the awards were handed out. Generally I see movies on VHS/DVD nowadays (last time I was in a theatre was 2 years ago to see Return of the King)

  7. WG and I played fashion-school dropouts during the awards, too. (Except that she will someday *rule* the fashion world if her six year’s worth of sketches so far are any indication.)
    But yeah, Salma’s left breast looked like it was in touble. And J.Lo is going to find out some day that there is something toxic in orange spray paint. I just know it.
    (retracting claws now)
    And I must say I wept for my tv boyfriend, Jon.

  8. I don’t have a TV, so I missed the live action, but I did look at the pix of the dresses on this morning….oh, my. I think Reese Witherspoons was definitely the best. Keira Knightly–I had a Barbie dress like that once, back in the dark ages…

  9. I agree about Salma Hayak’s dress. It was low on ‘wow’ factor and big on ‘ow’ factor. She had to be uncomfortable in that get-up. She has such a gorgeous, shapely figure…why would she bind herself up that way??
    Reese was beautiful, and so was my sweet boy, George Clooney. Sigh….

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