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Slow and Steady

It was a great disappointment that I was unable to finish my clapotis (knit of horrifyingly expensive yarn) by the end of the Knitting Olympics. I tried modelling my response on Bode Miller’s or Lindsay Jacobellis’, making it sound like I didn’t care, but really, I was pretty sad. I didn’t have the great attitude of Emily Hughes, who was excited to simply be there. I needed closure.

And every time I look at the clapotis, on which I have just about finished the straight sections and have all the decrease yet to complete, I feel worse.

So it was thrilling to discover an opportunity to redeem myself. At Crunchy Granola’s I read about the TurtleAlong, for Olympic Knitters who are working to finish their incomplete Knitting Olympics projects. Thank you, Femiknit Mafia, for thinking of the rest of us!!


6 thoughts on “Slow and Steady”

  1. Emily, how fitting!
    I’m thinking of adding a few extra repeats to my clapotis. I seem to have plenty of yarn, since I went out and bought an extra skein just in case. I’m a little worried about blocking the silk yarn!!

  2. Yeah Songbird! Way to pick yourself up and dust yourself off…
    Meanwhile at the Nursery School Olympics my Mom just had to come over and rescue my scarf from dropped stitches… again!

  3. I saw the first part of your post via bloglines and clicked through to leave a comment about the TurtleAlong, and see you mentioned my post. Too funny. I’m glad I pointed you to it. And I’m glad to have stumbled into some of the knitting blogs, too. Inspirational stuff.
    Now, what are clapotis? (i keep thinking of the french pastry clafoutis, which is definitely not knit!)

  4. It’s a French thing, too! A sort of big scarf/shawl with a fascinating and terrifying dropped stitch ladder. I’m enjoying the pattern, but as a working person whose husband left town 36 hours into the Olympics, thereby leaving me with all the home/dog/children stuff to do alone, I didn’t stand a chance.

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