Friday Five: Practice Makes Perfect

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I don’t suppose we want to give up memes for Lent, do we?

I came late to Lent, so I don’t have the habit of giving things up for the season. I have tried in recent years to take something on, instead. After reading the gospel lesson the other night, I hesitate to say what in such a public forum! But since we are among friends here, dear Rev Gals and Blog Pals, let’s share.

Tell us four things you have made a practice at some time or other in your life. Feel free to interpret the word “practice” as widely and deeply as you like. Did you stick with it? Was it too much? Did it change you?

Then tell us one thing you might like to try that requires practice, attention or commitment. Think of it as a request for supportive thoughts and prayers, if that helps.

1. I first began considering the idea of taking up a practice during a season of preparation when I heard a friend describe her approach to Advent. She spent the four weeks gradually cleaning and decorating her house, making room for the Christ Child to come. As a pastor, my life is very busy in that season, so I’m sure I don’t take quite the same measures she does, but I let those general principles guide me.
2. For many years I was in Jungian analysis, and journaling my dreams became a spiritual practice, as I came to understand symbolic language and imagery and looked for what my soul was saying.
3. Last year during Lent, I attempted to take on prayer four times a day, but as Easter got closer and the church schedule more intense, I wasn’t able to maintain it, a great disappointment.
4. For a long time, singing was my spiritual practice. Before becoming a pastor, I sang in the very demanding choir at Large Church. I remember those rehearsals as spiritually aerobic. It’s a deep sadness that a virus three years ago left me with a paralyzed vocal cord; I will never sing that way again.

5. For this Lenten season, it feels appropriate to take up walking outdoors. First, I have the dog responsibility while Pure Luck is away, so it meets a need for Molly and Sam, too. But I also find that being outdoors and breathing the air clears my thoughts as nothing else can. I need that.

If you undertake this meme, leave a comment, as I would love to come and read your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. I still sing along in the car, but I can’t control the sound well enough to have it be pleasing all the time, not unlike an adolescent male whose voice is changing. In church, some weeks are better than others, but it’s utterly unpredictable. When I do let myself go to the feelings about this loss (which I must admit I try to avoid), the sadness can be overwhelming (which is why the avoidance).

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