Home Life

Scene One–The Princess and I are driving home from school.

Songbird: How was school today?

The Princess: I’m having a romance problem.

Songbird: Really? (?!?!!)

The Princess: Yes. Yesterday Emmanuel told me Jake wanted to ask me to the dance. Today he told me Zack wanted to ask me!! And then Zack said Abdi wanted to ask me…

Songbird: Wait. New Abdi or old Abdi?

The Princess: New Abdi. It’s a good thing it wasn’t old Abdi. I don’t like him.

Songbird: So which one is Emmanuel?

The Princess: He’s the tall boy with a deep voice who’s always shouting. He’s not very smart.

(Our arrival home suspended the conversation.)

Scene Two–We’re preparing a banana cake. I am gathering ingredients while #2 Son mashes bananas.

#2 Son: These are hella mashed.

Songbird (smiles): Are we supposed to say that word?

#2 Son: I say it all the time.

Songbird: To your mother are you supposed to say that word?

Scene Three–The Princess is listening to music on her inherited DiscGirl (well, really, do we have to call it a DiscMan?) while the cake bakes. I remember our interrupted conversation earlier.

Songbird: Honey?

(The Princess removes headphones.)

Songbird: Emmanuel told you that Zack wanted to ask you out?

The Princess: Yes.

Songbird: And who told you yesterday that Jake wanted to ask you out?

The Princess: Emmanuel.

Songbird: And what about new Abdi?

The Princess: Zack told me he wanted to ask me out, but that was because Emmanuel told him to. Emmanuel likes me, and he’s trying to figure out who I like, so he can try to keep them away from me. I figured it out. (Replaces headphones.)

(Songbird thinks this is all hella confusing.)

18 thoughts on “Home Life”

  1. Are you supposed to use that word when you know an old, old parson is going to read it?
    I’m putting Emmanuel, Zack and Abdi on my prayer list. They’re outmatched.

  2. Well, Gord, either this or the complaints that *none* of the boys like them!!
    KathyR, The Princess later concluded that all fifth-grade boys are very immature, and she thinks it might be wiser to like them in high school, instead.

  3. Songbird–Babs and Portia thought that the boys were too immature all through high school and most of college! Portia has now changed her tune in law school since she is engaged, but Babs (who is younger) still is looking for Mr. Not Too Immature in her early twenties!
    Something to look forward to?

  4. WonderGirl spent all of elementary school and junior high a head or more taller than all the boys and wiser by years.
    I know she has crushed on at least one boy (Cute but Kinda Clueless), but seems to be happy to have boys who are friends in her life right now.
    That’s my girl…

  5. Tell #2 that he really ought to be saying “hell of,” not “hella.” It’s more vaguely pretentious.

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