A Murther of Crows

The Princess called to me from upstairs, “Mom, there are about a hundred cars outside, and Baby is growling at them!”


It seemed unlikely that there were a hundred cars anywhere on our street, much less in the neighbor’s driveway or our backyard. But as it turns out I was suffering from “24” intoxication and/or Knitting Olympics fervor (still don’t think I’ll finish in time) and misheard her.

There are about a hundred crows outside. It looks like a Hitchcock scene. They are highly agitated. What is that all about?

Baby is still at the computer room window, growling.

The dogs, however, went out into the yard to lie on the snow, seemingly without a care in the world.

Lovely prizes will be offered to anyone who can explain to me what gets a big group of crows so upset.

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  1. Read “The Dark is Rising” and you’ll have all sorts of sinister answers to the question….but the book is so wonderful that I think I’d recommend it anyway.

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