A Sure Sign

that I need to preach sometimes to people with literary tastes more like mine~

I am working on my sermon about the Transfiguration and trying to think of a good description of what Peter and James and John thought the Messiah would be like.

Suddenly I thought, Aragorn! They thought Jesus would be like Aragorn! When Boromir was dying, he said it just the right way: “I would have followed you, my brother. My captain. My King.” That’s what they expected to do, not to go up to Jerusalem and watch him get arrested. My brother, my captain, my King. Ride on, King Jesus!!

Then I returned sadly to reality.

I think I might really enjoy multimedia in church. Wouldn’t it work well to contrast Aragorn with the white-robed, philosophical Jesus we see in the movies?

22 thoughts on “A Sure Sign”

  1. Have you finished yet? I only have mine outlined and it is 9:50… guess I should start writing it, huh? Good news is that I already have the illustrations lined out and sometimes I think those are all folks listen for anyway.
    I believe last time I was this late with a sermon I helped you set a comment record. Shall we give it another go?

  2. Is that what you had in mind?
    Mine is done. I did use an adaptation of the story in the last post. I know what you mean about the illustrations. I would like to talk about Elijah and Elisha, really I would. And about the Suffering Servant, and how my Christology is low except when it’s not. And I’m brushing up against that stuff. But, darn, why does this story have to come up every year?

  3. I’m saying… I have a friend who pastors a big steeple church and every May he says he gets up in the pulpit and thinks to himself, “People, haven’t we gone over this already?”
    That’s how I feel now.
    Thanks for the
    Congrats on being done. You don’t have to

  4. Well, I’m flunking out of the Knitting Olympics because of a reason I don’t want to talk about here, so I’m kind of avoiding my knitting, since I’m sad that I won’t get a medal. I’m going to be like Bode Miller, and say I was never in it to win it, I just want to have a good life and stuff like that. Knitting doesn’t have to be a winning game.
    (I’m very sad about it.)

  5. Which is to say that entertaining you takes my mind off my knitting failure. I wish I could claim a groin pull and be on all the morning news shows, but I don’t think that’s going to fly.

  6. I am sorry for your knitting Olympics ending so harshly. I had heard rumors that you were pouring Bode’s late-night tequila shots, but I just shook it off as rumors… until now.
    I do still enjoy the fact that they continue to show the ads you made before the Olympics inviting us to check out your product at
    Will you be returning in two years to the summer knitting Olympics?

  7. Actually, if you can keep a secret, I am withdrawing quietly to avoid a doping scandal. I heard they were going to search my apartment at the Olympic Knitting Village, so I got out of town. I swear, it was just Advil!! But I knew they would never believe me. Look at the poor guy they kicked out for trying to grow hair!!

  8. I like the idea of the sermon, though I admit, the idea of multimedia throws me off. You would certainly be able to preach something like that at my little Anglican parish; they’d love it, and like you portraying him with words more than with a projector.

  9. I prefer the words, too, Jane Dark, but I realize that multimedia seems to be an irresistible trend. I’m trying to understand what it’s all about and what it may mean for my church’s worship and life together.

  10. Songbird, this reminds me of all the times I’ve written The Matrix in and then out of sermons…
    Revmother, this is going to open that “is Jesus your boyfriend?” can of worms, I think….
    Will Smama, Good job on the comments boosting. Hey, maybe next year in early Feb we could just have a sermon swap, so no one would have to panic the night before the transfiguration. (hmmm, panicking before the transfiguration! that’s it’s a sermon of its own, don’t you think?)

  11. reverendmother, it’s more that they *wanted* Jesus to be like Aragorn than that *I* think he was. But if he was, then maybe I could consider Jesus as my boyfriend, just maybe.

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