At the beginning of February, I decided to join Netflix, taking advantage of a free trial. They sent the first two DVDs (“Ray” and the first DVD from the first season of “24”). I rhapsodized over the cunning little envelopes that turn into the return envelopes and marvelled at the fact that they came overnight.

24_1I returned them and got my next set of DVDs. Then the Olympics started. Those cunning little envelopes have been sitting on the kitchen table for almost two weeks. Last night I wasn’t interested in the prime time Olympics, and the children were at their dad’s house, so I watched the next four episodes of “24.” (Wow! Scary!! Unfortunately, since I started watching them after being hooked by this new season, I knew certain characters were going to survive.) Now I really want to watch my other movie, so I can return them both today and have more “24” by Saturday.

Would it be wrong of me to watch “Kinsey” at this hour of the morning?

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  1. Morning Songbird.
    We had Netflix for a while and found that we were too spontaneous. Maybe Netflix sent us Kinsey (which we really wanted to watch when we ordered it) but now we are in the mood for Miss Congeniality. So we would do a Blockbuster run and spent extra $.
    Love the idea of it and those little envelopes are wonderful.

  2. I miss Netflix…now that CTA works very part time for a video store, we get ours that way, but its not as satisfying as those little red envelopes in the mailbox.

  3. I did go ahead and watch it, knitting in hand. I don’t know if I will finish my clapotis before the Olympics are over, but I did make a nice hat for The Princess from the leftovers of her Weasley sweater. She wore it to the dog park this morning. By the way, there were no children here when I was watching Kinsey! I picked them up after.
    I thought it was a wonderful movie. The scene with Lynn Redgrave was especially beautiful.

  4. I am not in charge of Netflix ordering so most of what arrives seems to be Asian karate films or other beat ’em ups.
    I so wish that the second season of Deadwood would become available on Netflix. What a guilty pleasure to watch that profane show!

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