I’ve Got Burrs that Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

Yesterday we visited a colleague who has a lovely lab puppy girl, and Molly had a great time playing with Sophie, particularly running into the little wooded area behind the house.

Unfortunately, Miss Molly came home with a not-so-lovely clump or three of thistles in her coat. And she does *not* love being groomed, especially as a solution to this particular problem.

I think #2 Son will have to hold her down while I comb through her coat.

I do not love this, either.

It’s Tuesday night, and I am neither clever nor lyrical. My kitchen faucet is leaking, my dog is thistly, and I have done not-nearly-enough knitting on my clapotis for the Knitting Olympics. I, too, have thistles in my coat. Who will groom me?

9 thoughts on “I’ve Got Burrs that Jingle, Jingle, Jingle”

  1. Hope you got the thistles out without too much of a hassle. She does have a gorgeous coat, but I guess it brings its own problems.

  2. You would think that, as the owner of a Maltese — one of the most hair-intensive breeds there are — I’d have all sorts of helpful dog grooming tips.
    My dog looks like a “before” picture on one of those purebred-rescue websites — you know, “This was Fluffy when he arrived at our shelter from the puppy mill.”

  3. Poor puppy. I have no words of wisdom on detanging dogs, but I wanted to say that I love the song from which you’ve taken your title! For some reason, it’s often in the soundtrack playing in the back of my head.

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