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The XX Factor

We’re having a slumber party chez Songbird tonight. Three classmates are here with The Princess. We have had pizza, charades, Game Cube, approximately five minutes of Pirates of the Carribbean, a few tears, minor fisticuffs, a gentle but firm laying down of the law, a few more tears, cake and ice cream, and now, harmony.

I don’t know about them, but I’m exhausted.

#2 Son wisely decamped to his father’s house, where they can watch the Olympics in peace. I hope they are watching the delightful medals ceremony for the Italian cross country relay team. You have to love the hair on the guy who anchored the team. It’s snowing, and I know the flags are going to start flying as soon — yes, there they are! They are all so excited!!

Pure Luck thinks we should all realize that borders and nations are manmade constructs and overcome them to recognize our common humanity. But I’m watching these happy Italians singing their anthem, which is pretty darned rousing, and I’m wondering what the harm is? If it were only like being on the Blue team at Camp Alleghany, I guess there wouldn’t be any. After all, we didn’t turn WMDs on the Grey team. We just sang jolly songs about our competitions. And each team had a song to sing in appreciation of the other.

The Princess has expressed concerns about Pure Luck’s philosophy. She feels that one world with one government would not have the appropriate protections in place. “If something was going wrong somewhere, if some group was being bad to some other group, where would you go for help? The help would be you!”

How do we sort it out, when what one fifth grade girl calls “a tap on the shoulder” leaves another fifth grade girl feeling injured in spirit, and a punch in the stomach results? The Princess wanted to talk through the whole event. I could hear her trying to counsel them through it. She wanted each girl to take responsibility for her part in the situation. This was going nowhere. I asserted my maternal authority, which the others seemed relieved to hear, but this is what caused my daughter to cry. We adjourned to the kitchen.

I explained that I thought they would not come to a happy resolution by discussing the events. Some people, I explained, are just not taught to take responsibility. She nodded slowly. I think, I said, you need to go with what I said. Either you find a way to have fun together or everyone will have to go home.

She agreed, and as it turns out my strategy succeeded.

But I see her becoming an interesting little women, my Princess. She is earnest, and I fear that means disappointments for her. She wants to fight her own battles, and I respect that even though I stepped in tonight. She is determined and thoughtful and kindly-spoken, a powerhouse girl.

I am so proud of her.

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  1. Ah, I remember those days. We had a rule that there had to be even numbers of friends at all sleepovers at our house. Somehow odd numbers of tween girls just didn’t work, because someone would get left out. (But that doesn’t seem to be the case here…I digress.)
    I love having a strong, determined, yet earnest daughter who just wants the world to get along. Those apples, they don’t fall very far from the tree, eh?

  2. I hope our little one-in-waiting turns out to be like the Princess; she sounds like a fantastic kid! (And, hey, she just might be old enough to babysit the bambina in a couple years, too… maybe we could arrange some tutoring?!?)

  3. mc, she’s is very excited that in June she will be old enough to take the Red Cross babysitting course. Maybe you would like a little Mother’s Helper? (who is almost taller than her mother…)

  4. As an empty nester who now looks forward to phone calls from Portia and Babs, I remember the days of slumber parties and touchy tweenage girls with a bit of envy. I’m glad to see you are enjoying this time with the Princess.

  5. sounds like you have an amazing and very special girl (girl? young woman?) there! my 12 year old little sister just took the Red Cross course and used the money from her first gig to have some business cards made up saying that she is “certified”.

  6. Wow, I remember the days of taking that babysitting course myself… 20 years ago, I guess (yikes). I bet we will be able to take advantage of the Princess’ newfound skills… especially if she has business cards!

  7. Ah, what is it w/ tweeners and Pirates? (She asked, like she didn’t already know.) At Daughter’s slumber party, they put in the DVD on the downstairs TV, but when the last girl left the next day it was still paused less than halfway through.
    Turns out they were pausing it every time a close-up of Johnny or Orlando came on the screen so they could all go over and kiss it. Needless to say, that information left me less-than-enthused about cleaning the TV screen…
    I am seriously considering informing Daughter of just how old Johnny is, and comparing it to my own age. I know that y’all can IMDB him, but I’ll still admit he’s just a year and a month younger.

  8. Princess sounds fantastic. But mostly I just read this and think about the days, not so far off in the future, when we’ll have gaggles of adolescent girls here. Where will I decamp to?

  9. Scriv, maybe by then you’ll have a study over the garage?
    It’s really hard for us to schedule these things, because she is with her dad on Friday nights and since I’m a pastor, Saturday nights just don’t work either. So we save it up for a school vacation or a Monday holiday. It’s exhausting!

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