I Fall to Pieces

I mentioned the other day that when Pure Luck is away, we always seem to go to pieces. We have technical difficulties, or the dogs get sick. One time I had to put my car in the shop, Sam-then-a-puppy threw up in the loaner, and then the loaner got a flat tire. Not a good scene.

Today #2 Son and I went to the fancy-schmancy health food store to pick up some necessary items. Amy’s frozen meals-in-a-bowl are popular when Pure Luck is away. And there was a sale on those banana waffles with the Gorilla on the box. We picked up some yummy things.

When we got home, time was tight. I had to be at a meeting and needed to change my clothes from Dog Park blue jeans to Somewhat Professional-Looking Clergywoman dress with pantyhose. #2 Son began putting things in the freezer. I came downstairs to find him trying to rearrange the overcrowded kitchen appliance. He reached for a bag of frozen corn.

It was open.

And all the little pieces of organic corn fell onto the floor. Except for the ones that landed on top of the refrigerator door, and then into the rubbery seal thing when we opened the door.

We fall to pieces.

10 thoughts on “I Fall to Pieces”

  1. Dear Patsy Cline, We had the exact same situation tonight with a plastic package of spaghetti, which ws unexpectadly open on one end. Was it Trader Joe’s? Maybe we could sniff out a conspiracy. Or else, all over the country, we’re falling to pieces on your behalf.

  2. I hate it when that happens!
    Wonder Girl booby-trapped a cabinet the other day so that a plastic tub of wafer cookies fell out and exploded all over the clean floor. Okay, she didn’t really, but who puts something like that away upside down?
    And, since they were chocolate, we had a heck of a time keeping Tanner out of them. (Is there enough actual chocolate in something like that to hurt a miniature poodle?)

  3. Because, seriously, if it only counts when the floor is clean, I’ve got nothing.
    Also, this morning? I noticed the refrigerator door didn’t close tight last night. At least it wasn’t wide open…

  4. Ih. What about if you have roommates who store their cereal boxes on top of the fridge, and appear to carefully balance them so that any activity will send them crashing down on someone’s head?

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